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Erik Carrillo joins Exp Group as director of foreign affairs

North Bergen, NJ-based Exp Group LLC continues to evolve along with the strong and growing demand for tropical produce. The growth phenomenon is obvious in produce aisles and on foodservice menus across the nation.

Anthony Serafino, vice president of public relations, and a second-generation family member, said, “We absolutely feel that tropical items have and continue to become regular within the typical A to Z produce items.”

Erik-Chikhani-Carrillo-PhotoExp Group’s newly appointed Director of Foreign Affairs, Erik Chikhani Carrillo.A leading and ever-growing company that deals with numerous foreign countries needs a key figure to oversee its diversity.

“Erik Chikhani Carrillo is our newest staff member,” said Serafino. “His position is director of foreign affairs.”

Serafino, along with his father, Emil Serafino, chief executive officer, and Carrillo will attend the PMA Fresh Summit.

The company continues to heavily promote its Bonita and Selvatica bananas and plantains.

“These labels continue to receive a great response within the tropical produce industry,” said Serafino. “In addition to a full line of tropical products, Exp Group specializes in bananas and plantains.”

“We are getting more requests than ever from supermarket chains and other retailers who have or want to begin to carry tropicals,” Serafino continued. “This trend is now more of a lifestyle, and we’re not surprised. We’ve tailored our business around these items and have experienced first-hand how it has transformed our company.”

Exp Group continues to import its Rosita Brand label from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

The company’s core items — bananas, plantains and yuca — run year-round. Exp Group’s bananas and plantains are produced in Ecuador, and yuca is grown in Costa Rica.

The company’s extensive tropicals line is compiled of Rosita Asito peppers, aloe vera, apio, Rosita green-skin avocados, Selvatica baby bananas, Selvatica and Bonita bananas, batatas, cilantro, calabazas, green, black and white chayote, coconut cream, Rosita dry coconuts, eddoes, Chinese garlic, Chinese and Brazilian ginger, kabocha, Manzano bananas, malanga coco (also called taro), Brazilian, Colombian and Costa Rican name, papaya, Rosita hot peppers, pineapples, green and ripe plantains, mangos, Rosita sour oranges, Rosita sweet lemons, thyme, tomatillo, white, lila and yellow yautia, yellow yams, Rosita yucca, and more.

In 2017, Exp Group anticipates that its logistics company, Exp Logistics LLC will grow by 25 percent.

“Multiple additions ensure we have the best logistics division in the produce industry,” stressed Serafino. “A big part of what we do at Exp. Group is due primarily to our logistics company. Being able to control this aspect helps to ensure that our produce arrives in nothing short of exceptional quality.”