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Jeff Hall joins CPMA as food-safety specialist

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association has hired Jeff Hall to the new role of food-safety specialist with the CPMA.

Food safety was identified as a top priority area of focus for the CPMA, and members agreed that while many organizations focus on food-safety research, there was very little that specifically addressed the Canadian produce industry.

“This position will enable CPMA to provide resources for members to enhance employee and management knowledge in the area of food safety,” CPMA Chairman Sam Silvestro said in a press release.

Hall will hold primary responsibility for CPMA’s food-safety efforts and will act as the principal liaison with all food-safety stakeholders, including industry, government and academia. “Through this new position, we hope to lead the empowerment of industry on the awareness, understanding and the culture of implementing food-safety standards across the fresh fruit and vegetable sectors,” Hugh Bowman, chair of the CPMA food-safety committee, said in the release.

The new position will also be responsible for food-safety efforts including responding to member food-safety inquiries, crisis management, monitoring domestic and international regulations, developing/delivering education/training programs to CPMA members, and resourcing public/private funding. “Immediate areas of attention will focus support on members’ understanding of the emerging food-safety regulations,” Ron Lemaire, CPMA president, said in the release.

Hall brings a wealth of experience within the food industry from both the retail and association level, including work on the CPMA and Retail Council of Canada’s Food Safety Committee. “Jeff’s work and volunteer history, education and overall knowledge will fit extremely well in this new position to support our membership and industry,” said Lemaire.