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IPC appoints new international marketing director

The Idaho Potato Commission has stepped up its global marketing efforts with the addition of TRACI HIEBERT as its new international marketing director.


"Idaho potatoes command a premium even in countries that grow their own potatoes, and new international markets are continuing to open up regularly," Seth Pemsler, vice president of retail/international for the IPC, said in a press release. "Traci will be drawing on her many years of experience in international marketing and business development to help the IPC tap into the most promising opportunities worldwide. We're seeing strong potential in a number of countries that have recently opened their markets to U.S. potatoes, especially the Philippines, Panama and Colombia."


Hiebert will be based in the commission's headquarters office in Eagle, ID, where she will focus on driving Idaho potato sales in both new and existing markets, such as Mexico and emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.


"When Mexico completely opens to U.S. potatoes, that market is projected to grow fivefold, and Idaho is optimally positioned to capitalize on this opportunity due to our proximity and our knowledge of the customer base," Hiebert, an Idaho native who has spent nearly two decades launching and expanding consumer product lines in international markets, added in the press release.


Hiebert will work with IPC's international offices for Mexico, Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America, which help facilitate connections among Idaho potato shippers and foreign trading partners, along with creating and executing marketing promotion programs and offering ongoing marketing support.