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The Inside Look (August 19)

I’m writing this column at midnight and can’t help but feel extremely blessed to be in this industry. Yes, even at midnight and after only four hours of sleep!

InsideLook.August2019 This month in particular, I’ve been barraged with information about all of the trade shows coming up. I know what you’re thinking… “trade shows aren’t new.” But this year, as I’m receiving information and writing about these amazing events, I am absolutely astonished at the quality programs being offered. It all started with Lane DeVries, from Sun Valley, being honored at the IFE Flower Naming Ceremony in June — be sure to ask for those new Dutch Lane tulips!

Continuing from there, we have the SAF Convention, Proflora, PMA, the WF&FSA Distribution Conference and many more. But these aren’t trade shows of the past. They’re new and they’re modern. Take a look inside and you’ll see that each trade show has blossomed into something new: New education topics, new participants, new leadership and many new faces! But equally important, I’d like to give a shout-out to the many folks behind the scenes who work so diligently to plan these multi-day events, including all of the suppliers who invest in these events so that we can learn, engage customers and grow our collective business.

And speaking of customers, turn the pages and learn about Grandparent’s Day, new Fall colors for 2019 and all-important visual merchandising tips. Creativity is contagious — pass it on!

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