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Wedding simplicity — the ultimate sophistication

A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable. While retails for an average wedding ceremony have reached an all-time high of $27,000., there are many ways in which a savvy florist can offer a quality, classic wedding menu to minimalist brides. Think about it.

If the average cost of a wedding is $27,000, then there are thousands of simpler weddings taking place each year in the price range of $15,000 to $25,000! How many of those available dollars can we capture?

wedding-bouquet Smaller weddings don’t necessarily mean smaller profit margins. In fact, a smaller wedding often has a greater profit margin because they require fewer labor hours per piece versus a more intricate wedding. The key to profitability is in the pricing. Don’t cut yourself short of profit margins just because the designs are simple.  

How can a wedding still look glam for a bride on a tighter budget?

Here are my Top 10 tips!

‘Rule of Thumb’ Pricing

A general rule of thumb is that the flowers and décor for a wedding are generally 10 percent of the entire wedding budget. To quickly calculate a normal expenditure for the flowers and décor, simply ask the bride this question upon arrival to the planning meeting: “What is the total budget planned for your wedding?”

From there, you can quickly calculate 10 percent of that total, and what a normal expenditure should be for the flowers and décor. This will provide a quick start to the overall planning process.

Built-In Ambience

Many wedding venues have built-in décor of their own.   Be sure to visit the venue or request pictures of the event rooms so you can use the already-in-place decor of the venue in your favor. Are there focal points in the room which require minimal enhancements? Is there natural light in the room where candles and other lighting pieces would not be required? When the natural ambience of the wedding facility is used to your advantage, more money can be invested in areas that truly need the enhancements and the expenditure to do so.

Limited Color Palette

If the background of the room is brightly colored — then use simple tones for the floral décor so the colors don’t compete with each other. Conversely, if the room is neutral and natural — use bright flowers for the floral décor. The same rule should be applied for patterned room décor, being conscientious of creating coordinating patterns rather than conflicting ones.

Show Piece

Go big with one major element such as a large, elegant centerpiece. Then from it, create smaller coordinating elements throughout the other areas of the venue. Party-goers will be wow’d upon entering the room, and then notice the smaller pieces as they travel from area to area. There’s no need to over-dress each and every table!    

Interesting Containers/Simple Stems

The more interesting the containers, the simpler the flowers inside them can be. Table decor using geometric shapes or classic bottles with a few stems of flowers can be used alone or in clusters to create the same effect as a large, more expensive centerpiece.   Also, in-season flowers can cost half the price as off-season flowers, so encourage the minimalist bride to think seasonal when making wedding choices.

Think Green!

Greenery is the big word this year, so be sure to show a minimalist bride how lush and inexpensive a vase of multi-shade greenery can be! Some of the most classic weddings this year show greenery in simple vases, on white wedding cakes and ribbon-wrapped bunched greenery in simple hand-held bouquets. And speaking of green… don’t forget the textures that beautiful succulents and flowering branches provide!

Use the Vertical

A common technique used in home decorating is to create a visual illusion in a small room by suspending lights and hanging tall, vertical pictures or mirrors on the walls.

This technique gives the illusion that the small room is much larger than it really is because the vertical positioning of the lights and pictures cause the eye to move up and down instead of sideways. Vertically-placed décor draws attention away from the tight dimensions of the room. This same process can create a similar illusion for wedding décor, by optimizing the “value of the vertical space” in a small venue by using taller pieces. Centerpieces and décor which are short and tight, will bring unwanted emphasis to a venue that is already small on its own.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting plays an important role in photography, and it plays an equally-important role in room ambience. String lighting is the most cost effective for a minimalist bride, and it can be very easy to work with. There are many other lighting techniques, but for a minimalist bride, string lights can be cost-effective, versatile and romantic.  

The Power of Plants

Large ferns and floor plants can add dimension to any wedding, but in particular, plants work well for outside décor. Be sure to add a line of plants to your wedding menu that would accentuate a simple beach or outdoor wedding. Add extra zest to plants by using flowers, branches, lights and more to achieve that perfect effect.

The Ultimate Sophistication

Often, people think of a minimalist wedding as cheap, hokey or boring. But nothing is further from the truth!

The minimalist wedding is exemplified by clean lines, soft textures and detailed geometrics.

By providing the bride with the right guidance, even the simplest wedding can become a glam-packed event! Indeed- simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!