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Did you know that 84 percent of all Americans are shopping for something at any given time?

Are your stores front-of-mind? Will your store be the first and only thought that enters the customer’s brain? And when he or she arrives… will they be satisfied and even enticed into spending more than intended?

Febcover Remember, people don’t buy because what we do is awesome. They buy because our product makes them feel awesome! That philosophy should change how we’re advertising, right? Day-Glo price-and-item signage doesn’t work anymore. Great product only cracks open the door. In today’s world, we need to be the disruptor… or we’ll soon become the disrupted. There were many examples of retail “giants” becoming obsolete in 2018.

I’m in such awe of the expertise of my co-writers, who have lived the business, and so eloquently share their insights. Don’t close this issue without reading “How the Government shutdown affects floriculture” by Drew Gruenburg, Society of American Florists.

Are tempers starting to flare? Yes, it happens as we enter the busiest season of the year. Check out the advice from our personal HR guru, Glenna Hecht, providing great ideas on how to “Help your team through holiday overload.”

And speaking of tough situations, are you ever at a loss for words when trying to explain to employees and customers, “Why are rose prices so high?” Well, there’s a simple answer and I share that in the Frequently Asked Questions section inside.

Are you ready for this? Enter the new eye-tracking study from Floral Marketing Research Fund, co-sponsored by the American Floral Endowment and the Produce Marketing Association, “Using Biometric Technology to better understand floral consumers.”

And finally, among other topics, we have our Floral Pulse bestie, Bill Prescott from the Sun Valley Group, preparing us for International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8.

See you inside!