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365 Blank pages ahead of us — welcome to 2019!

Good news! We made it through another busy holiday season. WHEW!

newyear1 So now that 2018’s behind us, let’s grab a quick cup of coffee and pore over the FIVE biggest retail disruptions that’ll set the stage for BIG wins in 2019:

1. Grind-Be-Gone

The “grind” of shopping has been diminished, with customers being able to simply pre-program direct home delivery of routine products such a pantry staples, pet supplies and toiletries. One-tap purchases, auto-fills and same-day delivery has expedited the completion of the shopping “chore,” leaving more time for experiential commerce that is more social, untethered and unique.

2. Take Me as I Am  

Customization is more than an enclosure card with a signature on it. Not only do customers want to choose how they receive products, they also want to create special products to their own specifications. Ranging from eyeglasses, home décor and make-and-take classes, the customers’ taste prevails in their purchase... even if they have to make it themselves!

3. Choose, then Curate

Retail is no longer a “pile-high-and-watch-‘em-buy” world. Customers continue to be more discriminating than ever, which means that the corporate buyers’ selection process must be selective and distinguishing in the same way.

4. News Flash... There is No Lane

The retail fences have come down. Bricks are promoting clicks. Clicks are promoting same-day delivery. Same-day delivery is promoting frictionless ordering. Dot-coms are selling groceries. Grocers are buying drug stores... and we could go on and on! The fact of the matter is that retail-channels-of-old have disappeared, and retailers who expect to thrive in 2019 will break out of the old limitations. Having only “great product” and “low prices” isn’t good enough anymore.  

5. It’s Not a Coin Toss Anymore

Do you have a coin in your pocket? Most people don’t. How long has it been since you’ve held actual dollar bills and coins in your hand? While cashless systems have, indeed, shortened transaction times, reduced order inaccuracies and removed the threat of counterfeit currency, the retail industry has also lost important customer “touch points” where these human interactions used to occur.  

So, we have our work cut out for us in 2019. The millennial shopper seems to be on everyone’s radar, and yet, the most significant changes taking place have nothing to do with age groups, at all.

How will we sell more flowers in a “touch-free,” transaction-free society? How do we satisfy the most discriminating customers while trying to reduce costs by shipping in full truckloads?   And most importantly, how can we integrate our business into the new way-the channel-free- way of retail?

All of this, and more, will be monthly topics inside the new Floral Pulse. You’ll hear from the wisest in our industry and you’ll learn from the most creative. You’ll see new products for the most discriminating customer and you’ll be informed of all the most important events in our industry.

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