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Westerlay Orchids announces expansion

Westerlay Orchids in Carpinteria, CA, has added 39 acres in Oxnard, CA, to its portfolio of orchid-growing facilities, according to a news release. Undeveloped and currently in use as open-field agriculture, the new property is located 1.5 acres from the ocean, which provides the necessary cool temperatures for proper cultivation.

WESTERLAYWesterlay Orchids in Carpinteria, CA, announced a recent expansion, which includes 39 acres in Oxnard, CA.“Long-term sustainability is our driving motivation,” Toine Overgaag, owner at Westerlay, said of the move. “Orchids need a specific environment to thrive and building a new state-of-the-art facility in Oxnard will help us continue raising the bar in the orchid market.”

Overgaag’s aim is for carbon-neutral production and he is confident of achieving 100-percent use of recycled water. The property has access to Oxnard’s GREAT water program — Groundwater Recovery Enhancement and Treatment — which recovers commercial and domestic wastewater for irrigation purposes as well as groundwater injection. Additionally, Overgaag plans to integrate solar panels into the greenhouses.

Westerlay’s Oxnard expansion is a win-win for the environment as well as for its employees; many of who live in or near Oxnard and will have shorter commute times.

“The project’s build-out timeline is three years. It’s an exciting new chapter in Westerlay’s growth,” Overgaag said of the 24-acres greenhouse plan. “And, yes, we are keeping our Carpinteria location.”

Founded in Carpinteria in 1978 by Joe and Lucy Overgaag, who emigrated from the Netherlands, Westerlay transitioned to orchid cultivation in 2003 and currently operates 14 acres of greenhouses. The 2019 production forecast is set for three million orchids to be distributed throughout the Western U.S. and beyond.