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Ecuadorian Sea Waltz delphinium exceeds expectations

Sea Waltz is a delphinium variety bred by Miyoshi in Japan and distributed by Ball in North, Central and South America and Eastern Africa. Lourdes Reyes, marketing director at Ball SB in Miami, is very fond of this particular variety.

lourdesLourdes Reyes holds a Sea Waltz delphinium stem grown by Florisol and displayed at Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 in Quito.“It is like a little machine and it is programmable, producing stems every 11 weeks,” said Reyes in a news release. “It has a great acceptance in the market since it is a true blue color, which is hard to get in nature, and on top it does not shatter.”

The variety is produced by many different growers in Ecuador and according to Reyes, Florisol and Valleflor really get the potential out of what is imbedded in its DNA.

“They are producing the most amazing Sea Waltz that I have ever seen,” Reyes said when she saw the blooms grown by Florisol and Valleflor at the Expo Flor Ecuador show Sept. 19-21 in Quito. “Wow, how a grower can exceed the expectations of a breeder. With the growing cultivations that these growers are developing, they get these tall, beautiful, and true blue belladonna-type delphiniums.”

Sea Waltz has been grown in Ecuador for many years and since its introduction, demand has been increasing yearly. Other Ecuadorian producers include Hacienda Santa Fe, Flores del Sur, Much Flowers, Flodecol, Savisa, Florsani, Latinflor, Malima, Royal Flowers, Jardines Piaveri, Clementina, Nelpo and Damagro, among others.

“It replaced the leading variety at the time,” said Reyes. “But this is the first time that I’ve seen it grown like this — yielding this amazing quality. It is just like when growers produced the two-meter rose. Let’s see how the market reacts to these amazing stems. We will for sure see [them] more often in grand and amazing flower arrangements.”