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Celebrate International Balloon Month this September

For many years now, September has been declared International Balloon Month. This recognition provides the opportunity to enthusiastically promote the joy of balloons all while encouraging their proper handling. Every segment of the balloon industry joins forces to raise awareness of the fun factor that balloons offer. Balloons are critical to the floral, party, entertainment, and special events industries and should be celebrated.

CONFETTI-LATEX For the eighth year in a row, Maxine Burton, president and founder, and Bob Burton, chief executive officer, at burton + BURTON in Bogart, GA, have spearheaded the initiative to coincide “Balloon Month” in the state of Georgia via a balloon proclamation issued by the current governor. International Balloon Month seeks to raise awareness of the joy of balloons as well as to spotlight the economic impact the multi-billion dollar balloon industry has on the state of Georgia and the world.

This year, The Balloon Council is promoting Faraday’s Five Smart Tips for Balloon Use:

1. “Please secure me with a weight.”

2. “When I‘m made of foil, don‘t let me fly away into the air.“

3. “I love kids. Young children with balloons should always be monitored.”

4. “If I‘m deflated or popped, properly discard me.“

5. “Helium can give you a funny voice, but should not be inhaled.”

“Faraday,” named for the famed inventor of the balloon in London in 1824, is a life-sized, costumed mascot and the official “spokesballoon” for The Balloon Council. He is traveling America and visiting communities to spread the word about smart balloon practices for children and their families. Join your peers in sharing these practices on social media using the hashtag #BeBalloonSmart. And check out for updates and specials promotions from The Balloon Council.

Balloons are bigger than ever for 2018–19. Here are a few key trends we are seeing in the industry:

Oversized number and letter balloons — In the age of social media, what better way to let the world know there is a milestone to celebrate?

Confetti latex — Make everyday a party with colorful, customized confetti balloons!

Greenery accents — Take “plant parenthood” to new heights by inserting live foliage into Bubbles™ balloons.

Upgraded balloon tails — Gone are the days of simple curling ribbon; enter designer grade ribbons, paper streamers, live florals, and more.

So celebrate the joy balloons bring to one’s life this September — and each and every day.

Kacie Carswell is the marketing manager at burton+BURTON in Bogart GA. She can be contacted at