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Magic Flowers — sharing the enchantment of the tropical rainforest

Every year an area of rainforest the size of New Jersey is cut down and destroyed. The plants and animals living in these areas either die, or must find a new forest to call home. Humans are the main cause of rainforest destruction and they’re cutting down rainforests for many reasons, including wood, agriculture, cattle, paper, road construction, and extraction of energy and minerals.

Even though deforestation occurs all around the world, tropical rainforests are particularly targeted. If current deforestation levels continue, the world’s rainforests may completely vanish in as little as 100 years, according to National Geographic.

TROPICAL-BOUQUET-6Tropical flowers from Magic Flowers in Ecuador offer the opportunity to share a piece of the jungle’s enchantment.The tropics are geographic regions centered on the equator and limited in latitude by the Tropic of Cancer on the north and the Tropic of Capricorn on the south. Tropical flowers are species that thrive naturally in those climates; thus, they are currently an endangered species.

Tropical flowers have bracts, which can be orange, purple, red, yellow, pink, green, or different combinations thereof. The large, colorful bracts almost hide the flowers altogether, in order to keep birds away; hence, only specialized birds can get to them for pollination or to spread the seeds.

Since 1990, Magic Flowers’ company founders, Maria and Esteban Saenz, have been rescuing plant material from injured areas of the Amazon rainforest and adapting them for reproduction on an eco-friendly farm located on the coast of Ecuador. Cultivation of native species gives the company the opportunity to share a piece of the jungle’s enchantment with the world.

Under the slogan, “We plant every seed ourselves and harvest every bloom by hand,” the mission of Magic Flowers is to offer a great selection of unique, long-lasting tropical flowers to the world. 

Among the most significant species Magic reproduces are different varieties of Heliconeas, gingers and Musas.

The company believes it’s crucial for florists to include tropicals in their floral assortment, in order to promote their reproduction and, therefore, to protect rainforest flora for future generations and further investigations.

The staff at Magic Flowers teaches people not to be nervous about tropical flowers because they are actually very easy to care for and they are also among the flowers with the longest vase life.

The main “rule of thumb” for care is to place tropical flowers in an environment where you, yourself, would feel comfortable. And we assume that is probably not inside a cooler! Occasionally spray the entire flower with water to preserve its moisture, and keep the vase water level at least half full. It’s just that simple.

We encourage you, and your customers, to explore the enchantment of the rainforest through tropical flowers.

Claudia Saenz is export manager at Magic Flowers. She can be contacted at