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Do a few things differently this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2018 is shaping up to be one of the best holidays in the last few years. It falls on a Wednesday — an ideal day of the week for all segments of the industry.

The opportunity to be aggressive and sell as many flowers as possible is there and what better way to accomplish this than by helping people express their love with flowers? Let’s be positive and optimistic while working to get the best results possible.

VALENTINES-DAY-PREPBuy more flowers, plan ahead, offer specials and promote your products to capitalize on Valentine’s Day 2018.So what’s required to achieve this? Do a few things differently, such as:

Buy more flowers and buy them from reliable sources, the ones you know and trust.

Plan ahead — as early as possible.

Partner with suppliers who implement good logistics that assure you will receive the product you ordered at the right time. 

Confirm orders immediately with your customers and suppliers.

Promote your products and services to your community and customer base; make sure you are in their minds.

Use social media to communicate your messages and to share positive experiences your customers have had in the past.

Offer early-order specials, early-delivery specials, and Valentine’s week specials.

Customize your messages to the different segments of the population — Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, etc.

We are very committed to having the best Valentine’s Day of this decade — are you? It is up to you, so make it happen.

Gabriel Beccera is president at Golden Flowers in Miami. He can be contacted at 800-339-9929.