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Interplant introduces new roses with ruffled petals

After thousands of crossings and 25 years of experimenting, Interplant in the Netherlands has succeeded in creating a new type of rose family that goes beyond the traditional rose — the Flow roses.

FLOW-ROSES Flow roses are bred exclusively by Interplant, according to a news release. The chosen varietal name, Flow, alludes to the special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures.

In the process of opening up in the vase, the Flows display particular and unique ruffled petal shapes, which symbolize the ups and downs to which every life is subjected and which are expressed by our emotions. When fully open, the blooms have varying shapes and color contrasts from petal to petal that has been described as “other worldly.”

As a new variation, the Flows are positioned as a high-end product that can be combined beautifully in bouquets and will be offered in a wide range of shapes and colors. Plus, a long vase life gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy Flow roses for many days.

Varieties presently include Candy Flow, charming Flow, Fair Flow, Ice Flow, Ivory Flow, Show Flow and Sweet Flow.

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