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SAF’s 1-Day Profit Blast showcases industry professionals and education in Boston

What do you get when you combine a region’s top florists, industry suppliers, and education professionals in a ballroom in Massachusetts? You get the Society of American Florists’ 1-Day Profit Blast Boston.

PROFIT-BLASTThe SAF 1-Day Profit Blast Boston on Sept. 23 was a first-class showcasing of industry professionals and education.The event, sponsored by Jacobson Floral Supply in Boston, took place on Sept. 23 and was truly a first-class showcasing of industry professionals and education. SAF and Jacobson invited floral industry vendors Berwick Offray, Hampshire Paper, Smither’s Oasis, Syndicate Sales, Holiday Designs, BloomNet, Design Master, Hortica, Flower Shop Network, My Inner Florist, Strider, and Floristware to provide SAF members and nonmembers alike the opportunity to interact directly with the suppliers who make their floral artwork possible. Of course, floral arrangements aren’t possible without fresh cut flowers and plants that create beauty for any occasion. Enter vendor Quinlan Wasserman, who assisted Jacobson in delivering flowers from around the world by Splendor Protea, Gardens America, Sunrise Flowers Ethiopia, Rosa Flora and Holex.

The hotel ballroom was filled with round tables featuring ornate floral centerpieces, vendor booths showcasing products and services, and a stage supported with large projection screens on each side. The room came alive when over 120 attendees entered the space, name badges on and welcome packets in hand. After welcoming remarks from former SAF president, Shirley Lyons, participants were dazzled with the floral designs of Laura Daluga, owner at Department of Floristry in Ann Arbor, MI. Daluga spoke to the importance of nostalgia in attracting millennial shoppers — think negative space in design and Troll Dolls with air plants for hair.

Next, Paul Goodman, president at Floral Finance Business Services in Tulsa, OK, outlined how a smart business works a formula for calculating how much one should charge to deliver floral products. A surefire way to increase revenue, a lot of people in the room will be making some delivery changes after seeing the math. Tim Huckabee, president at FloralStrategies in New York City, spoke about building a sales call and the importance of setting the expectation high for your sales.

The potential exists for each phone order to be a big sale, if you remember that you are the floral expert and people want to feel taken care of. You think your store has that down? Huckabee called a volunteer’s store live at the show to find out just that. The final speaker was Crystal Vilkaitis, owner at Social Edge, formerly Crystal Media in Carlsbad, CA, who spoke about social media as a tool for sales. Vilkaitis explained that social media is something that everyone can learn, and that one doesn’t need a large production budget to make a financial impact when using it.

Are you hungry for more tips on improving your floral department and building relationships with your suppliers? The next SAF 1-Day Profit Blast will take place Nov. 4 in Louisville, KY. Elevate your business and don’t miss it.

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