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Petal It Forward events lift spirits nationwide

On Oct. 11, more than 273 florists across all 50 states participated in the Society of American Florists’ Petal It Forward campaign, putting smiles on a lot of faces and lifting the spirits of people nationwide. Surprised recipients were given two free, fresh flower bouquets — one to keep and one to “petal it forward” to another person.

SAF has released data that shows the emotional benefits of both giving and receiving flowers.

SALINASSakata Seed America distributed Petal It Forward flowers that were donated by Kitayama Bros. and Green Valley Floral to happy recipients in Salinas, CA.Len Busch Roses in Plymouth, MN, has participated in the event for three years and this year handed out over 600 free bouquets.

“We had some tears,” Sandy Schroeck, floral designer and product development coordinator at LBR, told The Produce News.

“Mostly, people were moved by the generosity and they thought of someone else to give one to right away,” she continued.

“It was a fabulous experience and some of the employees that participated said it was their favorite day of the year.”

University research reveals that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods. One particular bouquet recipient was especially grateful.

“You guys just made my day,” she said tearfully. “I just moved home from Florida after a bad experience, so thank you so much.”

“That’s why SAF started Petal It Forward,” said Georgia Edgington, floral designer at LBR, in local news coverage of the event. “It was to bring awareness to the power that flowers can evoke in people through emotions.”

Sakata Seed America distributed Petal It Forward flowers that were donated by Kitayama Bros. and Green Valley Floral to grateful people in Salinas, CA.

“At the core of our values, and as part of our 40th anniversary celebration, Sakata Seed America is committed to supporting activities that aim to enhance life, the environment and culture in our local communities, as well as across North America,” said Alecia Troy, senior marketing manager at Sakata Seed America, in a news release. “Petal It Forward is a grassroots, personal way to connect with others and spread the joy of flowers.”

Employees of Engwall Florist & Gifts in Hermantown, MN, stood in front of hospitals in Duluth, MN, and handed out blooms. It only took seven minutes to give away flowers to hundreds of people.

“We deliver smiles every day,” said Rod Saline, Engwall’s president. “When we have an event like this and we’re giving flowers away, it’s extra special. People aren’t expecting anything and it’s neat; it puts smiles on our faces.”

So Petal It Forward proves that it’s just as good to give, as it is to receive.

“Flowers speak without saying anything,” noted Edgington.