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IFE launching awareness campaign to promote health benefits of flowers

The International Floriculture Expo is launching an online social media campaign called Happy Healthy Flowers to promote studies that show the health benefits of giving and receiving flowers, according to a news release. Participants are asked to share a floral image on social media using the hashtag #happyhealthyflowers, and for every post IFE will donate one flower, up to 5,000 flowers total. The floral donations will be sent to hospitals around the country.

“Not only do we aim to raise awareness of the benefits of flowers online, but we will follow this up by bringing flowers in person to patients, their families, and staff in the communities in which we live and work and beyond,” said Christine Salmon, IFE’s event manager, in the release. “We hope to donate several thousand flowers to brighten their days.”

Studies from both Rutgers University and Harvard University have long shown that there are a myriad of benefits to giving and receiving flowers.

“This information is not necessarily new, yet so many consumers are still unaware of the positive effects that flowers have on happiness, stress levels, moods, seniors’ well-being — the list goes on,” Salmon said. “We are always looking for ways to be advocates for the floral industry and we are excited to help spread this message. With current trends focusing on health and wellness, we want people to be aware that flowers have an important role to play.”

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