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Sleep deprived? These houseplants may summon the Sandman

Everyone is bothered by insomnia, jet lag or sleep deprivation at some point in his or her life. According to the Power of Positivity website, placing one — or all — of these five plants in your bedroom may improve both your sleep quantity and its quality.

Sansevieria. The snake plan, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, filters toxins and removes carbon dioxide from the air. It emits oxygen at night while you’re asleep and it’s so hardy it can be neglected for weeks.

Lavender plant.The smell of lavender slows down your heart rate, reduces anxiety and induces sleep.

Aloe vera. This plant emits oxygen at night and can help combat insomnia and improve overall sleep quality. It doesn’t need much watering or sunlight and it also reproduces easily.

Jasmine. Studies have shown that jasmine reduces anxiety levels and leads to better quality sleep.

English ivy. This plant is capable of reducing air molds by 94 percent in 12 hours and may be beneficial for those with breathing problems and asthma.

Since your supermarket floral department customers are probably familiar with the current prevalence of sleep difficulties, try stocking these five plants and create a special display touting their benefits. The gift of restorative sleep is welcomed by anyone.