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Florida perishable importers launch Globally Grown initiative

A group of Florida perishable importers have launched a Globally Grown initiative in order to promote international agricultural products that are brought to market, according to a news release. Globally Grown is an emerging campaign that aims to connect floral and produce growers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers with one another in an effort to work together and promote the products for which they are known.

The new initiative not only acts to unite but to serve as a learning platform for individuals to discover the stories behind products, the process that takes place behind the scenes, and the uniqueness that each country or product has to offer.

“Globally Grown will allow the flower industry to connect its consumers with products that are grown throughout the world,” Christine Boldt, executive vice president of Association of Floral Importers of Florida in Miami, told The Produce News. “This platform will provide another avenue for the floral industry to get their message out to more people.”

Globally Grown aims to partner with countries and the products it desires to promote to consumers. Having direct lines of communication with trade agencies and official product representation facilitates the exchange of information and creates a network for product promotion while also increasing awareness. Working directly with countries to showcase their products highlights Globally Grown’s campaign and also educates consumers about the products they purchase and how those products benefit the U.S. and foreign economies.

Globally Grown also plans to share the stories of the people behind each country’s industry. This year, Colombia and the Colombian flower industry were the first to partner with Globally Grown.

“Flowers are available year-round now because there are global sources that provide what the consumer wants when they want it,” said Boldt. “This campaign will allow everyone involved in the chain to tell their stories and connect with others.”

The Globally Grown “passport stamp” (its logo) ties countries and industries together and establishes a worldwide network with one goal in mind — selling more products. By placing this stamp (logo) on packaging and products, Globally Grown products will be distinguishable from the rest. The stamp creates recognition and also brings awareness to the interconnectivity that we now experience in the 21st century.

“Any messages or stories that members want to get out to others in the industry can be submitted and we will get them out there,” Boldt said. “Our base is the website but we will also be connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.”