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When trends collide: Ghosts of Christmas containers past, present, future

If the voices in your head have you feeling conflicted about your 2013 Christmas container choices, don’t allow these ghosts to thwart your plans for spreading good will through your holiday displays. Follow your heart. There is a good chance your thoughts are right on trend.

This promises to be a season where many trends collide. Like never before, looks of the past, the present and the future will seem to clash, but they will all evoke the appropriate feeling for the occasion. The key is to focus on the mood needed, and then build your choices around it.

Vintage styles and colors will satisfy shoppers dreaming of Christmases past. Old jars, bottles and pedestal-type containers in throwback colors such as pink, champagne — and yes, even peach — will remind customers of the romantic and peaceful times they long for. To jazz it up for a party feel, but still appeal to the old days, count on the classic colors of red, green and white.

FRYE109-ALTERNATEKelvin FryeStaying in touch with nature is still a customer priority. Containers made of natural material you have been using all year will also be perfect for your November and December designs. Accent these natural pieces with classic Christmas colors or trendy candy-apple reds and lime, and you still have satisfied the eco-conscious consumer.

If you are using containers that are not considered natural, be sure to choose colors that emit an organic sense. Think of spice colors, earthy tones or any color reflecting the foods of the season such as pumpkin and cranberry. The transition from fall to Christmas colors this year will be a fine line. Don’t forget the colors of your landscape as well. The calming look of frosted white and silvery blues will bring the cool colors of the outside into the home.

Those seeking a night out on the town will be in the mood for some futuristic glamour. Dress up your arrangements in modern shapes using crystal-clear, shiny black, or white, silver and translucent ruby. The holiday season is also a time of transition, and evokes dreams about the future. Use your talents to promote the new, the positive and the exciting prospects ahead.

Tap into your inner Charles Dickens this year. Honor the Christmas holiday by living in the past, present and future. Allow the spirits of all three to thrive within you.

Kelvin Frye is national sales manager for emerging markets at Syndicate Sales in Kokomo, IN. He can be reached at 765/457-7277 or at