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Floral fashion forecast, Memorial Day report, immigration moves ahead, IFE

Floral fashion is ever-changing, and we have a forecast for you in this issue with fashion trends linked to “floral take-aways” with tips on how to use them.

And a growing Memorial Day Flowers project hearkens back to the days when this holiday used to be the prime floral day of the year. The 2013 project used 240,000 donated roses at 208 cemeteries and commemorative events in 27 states. (See story, page 80).

Immigration reform is supported by a majority of Americans, a recent poll found, and a bill was moving in the U.S. Senate at press time, surviving hundreds of amendments, including “poison pill” measures from senators who want to kill it, not improve it. It’s an important step forward with a guest worker program flower and greenery growers need for the seasonal holidays that mark our floral calendar. It’s the only train available, a seasoned lobbyist told us, so, “Get on it.” (See story, page 74.)

At press time we were at the International Floriculture Expo in Miami Beach, FL, the big annual supermarket floral show. Floral Marketing in The Produce News will have a full report next month. Then on later this month to the biennial NORCAL Sun ‘N Fun Weekend, and a report on that also in our July 29 issue. See you then.

John Niblock is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 843/724-9888 or