More than 500 companies from 27 countries will be exhibiting flowers, plants, machinery and innovative technologies at FlowersExpo Sept. 8-10 in Moscow, according to a news release. The venue for the three-day show is the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” and 193,750-square-feet in two halls will be dedicated to floriculture, nurseries and landscape design. In 2014, over 12,000 visitors from 40 countries attended the event, including 2,500 owners... Read more
The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers’ announced in a news release that it has launched a mentor program to match its more experienced members with those just getting started with their flower farming endeavors. It’s a way for the organization to give back to the community and to create lasting, rewarding relationships with the next generation of flower farmers. The goals of the new program are to: • Fast track younger or inexperienced growers... Read more
The American Institute of Floral Designers hosted its annual international symposium June 30-July 4 in Denver. It was also the 50-year anniversary of the organization and “Journey” was the title they chose for this prestigious event that attracted over 900 industry members and enthusiasts from 18 countries. James Hynd Jr., floral director at Fiesta Parade Floats, based in Irwindale, CA, was presented with the 2015 Award of Distinguished Service to AIFD for his... Read more
I’m a third generation farmer. I raise cut flowers for Central Market in Houston, and I strive to have a continuous supply of blooms for my customers. My business is really affected by the weather. We all want rain but this year we got all our rain prayers answered over and over again in a short period of time. Heavy rains over the Memorial Weekend and Tropical Depression Bill made this year one that everyone in Texas will remember — especially if your occupation... Read more
Koehler & Dramm marks 60 years in floral business
MINNEAPOLIS — Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist, here, is celebrating 60 years in business on Aug. 15 with a family-friendly carnival party from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at its facility on Hennepin Avenue. It is a free event for customers and their families and includes food and refreshments, carnival games and a dunk tank where you can sink the sales reps.The floral management team at Koehler and Dramm: Eugene Brunk, general manager, Lee Spence, president and chief... Read more
Breeders take look at the rose market
Roses are red, violets are blue. These first two lines of a nursery rhyme are probably very descriptive of the color of the vast majority roses. When roses were first grown in Colombia to send to the United States, many farms grew mainly, or in some cases only, the red variety Visa from the breeder Meilland. The history of the major reds grown in Latin America has been dominated by Visa, Madame Delbard from Delbard, Royalty/Vega and Classy from Hills, Charlotte... Read more
California Pajarosa Floral is a wholesale, luxury cut-rose grower located in Watsonville, CA, about 70 miles south of San Francisco. Roses were first planted on our property in 1979 by our founders, John Furman and Alan Mitchell. All of our greenhouses were self-built by our own employees using steel frames and a double-ply polyurethane covering. We currently dedicate about 18 of our 55 acres to rose production and our facility is nestled against the foothills... Read more
As the shifting of the world’s economies affects the international production of flowers, Ethiopia is taking an active role in the development of their flower industry. Being the number four producer of roses for international distribution, Ethiopia exported over $300 million of roses in the fiscal year 2014. The Produce News recently interviewed Yassin Legesse Johnson, managing director at Sunrise Flowers in Debreziet, Ethiopia, and David Kaplan, president at... Read more
At the grower level: • No hydration in greenhouses and minimal hydration (one to two hours) thereafter can help reduce stem blockage by bacteria, petal bruising during transport, Botrytis development, and/or ethylene induced damages. This also results in reduced labor, bucket, and solution costs and allows for more effective use of cooler space. • Making one’s own hydration solutions containing calcium or sodium hypochlorite (with or without citric acid)... Read more
Designer’s love affair with roses persists
Nothing seems to make us go gaga like a heady, perfume-soaked rose — the texture of the petals, the saturation of color, even the sting of a random thorn — it’s all part of the romance and mystique of the flower of love. I fell in love with roses long ago. We grew them in my family’s greenhouse. Back then things were different — we had over seven acres of greenhouses in a small town in Nebraska and we had greenhouses dedicated to roses. I can still recall the smell... Read more
Roses are strong sellers  in the grocery industry
The rose stands for a number of things. For example, the rose holds the meaning of love to many people, its colors have endless meanings and it seems to never lose the power to get people to buy it. It seems to stand above the other flowers in sales day after day.    The rose is especially important to grocery stores and it can be the main reason someone is heading into the store. It can be merchandised in so many areas of the store, but when a consumer... Read more
Garden roses growing in popularity, variety and availability, even in volume
Garden roses used to be super delicate, seasonal, expensive, hard to find (especially in volume), and had very short shelf and vase lives. Well, all that has changed. Pilar Buitrago, manager of the New Variety program.Breeders have identified the market for nostalgic shapes, special colors, and fragrance as a growing one in the U.S. and the world, and they have started to breed roses for this market. Also, growers have hundreds of newer garden rose varieties to... Read more
Global economy shaping the flower-producing industry
“Buy American” sounds great, but it’s not always the answer. We live in a globalized economy with relatively efficient transportation systems for both products and passengers that span the globe. Competitive advantages in costs and quality due to lower use of energy and labor, and more ideal growing conditions, are shaping the flower-growing industry. One of the newer varieties of roses from Jan Spek Rozen in Holland is an ivory-taupe color that is increasingly... Read more
• Roses are ancient plants. One of the oldest fossils of roses, discovered in Colorado, dates back over 35 million years ago. • Columbus discovered America because of a rose. On Oct. 11, 1492, while becalmed in the Sargasso Sea, one of the crewmen picked a rose branch from the water. This sign of land renewed their hope for survival and gave the seafarers the courage to continue on to the New World. • George Washington, the first president, was... Read more
At DVFlora, rose sales make up almost one-quarter of every sale. So, not including greens, and tropicals our rose sales make up 24 percent of our fresh cut flower sales. Not only are these current sales important but also they are continuing to grow. At DVflora our rose sales typically grow at a rate of 6 percent a year. There are many reasons roses are so popular and important and I’ll explain a few of them.  • For starters, roses have a basic fundamental... Read more
It is with sadness that we announce the death of George, our beloved Masai giraffe. (“George the giraffe makes himself at home on Kenyan rose farm,” Floral Marketing in The Produce News, July 28-Aug.11, 2014, page 93). He passed on at the end of April from what we believe were natural causes. In his many decades at Nini Farm, a rose farm in Kenya, Africa, George had a wonderful life roaming the property around Lake Naivasha, eating from the tall acacia trees and... Read more
The Internet has leveled the playing field for small businesses, but getting in the game requires navigating around Google. Floral industry members can get firsthand insight from Google execs at the Society of American Florists annual convention Sept. 9-12 in Amelia Island, FL, according to a news release. During the educational session, Demystifying Google, solutions architect Loren Hudziak will explain how local search and local businesses are deeply tied to... Read more
PMA Fresh Connections: Floral Q&A
On July 9, more than 140 members across the floral supply chain and around the world connected in Miami for PMA Fresh Connections: Floral. The inaugural event, specifically designed for the floral audience, emphasized connections and directed focus to networking opportunities among buyers and sellers, while offering a number of educational sessions that addressed important trends driving business. Following the event, we asked attendees to share their thoughts. PMA:... Read more
Seattle Wholesale Growers Market forges partnerships with Northwest grocery chains
With “buy local” sentiments on the rise across all consumer categories, the Pacific Northwest is a region where farmers, ranchers and makers are contributing positively to the economy by telling their story at the cash register. At the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, that means delivering local and sustainably grown specialty cut flowers through multiple channels. Established in 2011, the mission of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is “to foster a vibrant... Read more
What’s in season? Roses
No other flower in the world holds such historical significance and universal recognition as the beautiful rose. Declared the United States national flower in 1986 by then president Ronald Reagan, the rose continues to reign supreme as the country’s favorite flower according to U.S. Department of Agriculture domestic and import statistics. An impressive display of colorful roses at the front of a supermarket floral department encourages customers to purchase... Read more