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David Austin Roses, a British breeder of premium English garden roses, introduced a new wedding rose variety named Purity (Ausoblige), according to a news release. Purity’s creamy-white exterior petals frame the blush undertones of its center, with the blooms opening first to a cup and then to a fully opening rosette. It has a fresh, medium-strong, pure-rose fragrance and is a medium-sized rose with approximately 90 petals per bloom. With a 10-day vase life,... Read more
The Michigan Floral Foundation will honor Del Demaree Jr. on Oct. 25 with induction into its Hall of Fame, according to a news release. The event will be held at the University Club of Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. Del Demaree Jr. is the second-generation owner of Syndicate Sales, becoming company president in 1967. By this time, products such as the Aquapic, the Design Bowl and Everlastin’ Baskets were three of its widely used staples. In... Read more
A colleague recently captured the importance of networking in a LinkedIn post: “We all have those days (weeks) when it can be hard to lift our eyes up from the work at hand. [We have to] break that routine and make a point of taking in education, and networking with colleagues from time to time. We return to work refreshed, with at least one new idea to try out in our own businesses — and with at least one friendship renewed, or a new relationship formed.” The... Read more
Top business experts to speak at SAF Maui 2016
During the Society of American Florists’ 132nd annual convention Sept. 21-24 at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii, top business experts will address topics of importance to the floral industry. James Dion, a retail analyst from Dionco Inc. in Chicago will jumpstart almost 40 expert-led educational sessions with his keynote address, “Don’t Get Caught Doing What Worked Yesterday When Customers Are Obsessed With What They Want Tomorrow,”... Read more
Every supermarket across the country wants to support locally grown produce and flowers. The Buy Local initiative challenges consumers to explore supporting locally owned businesses. Flower wholesalers serve the local market; however, the word “wholesaler” for many supermarkets is defined as “increased cost without adding value.” Let me introduce you to the local floral distributor of today. Many distributors have been bringing flowers... Read more
Matsui Nursery announces two new vice presidents
Matsui Nursery, a California-based orchid grower and shipper, has promoted Clint Bishop from national sales director to vice president of sales and marketing, and it has also hired Walter Schneider, a former partner at Hanson Bridgett LLP, as the company’s vice president of operations and general counsel, according to a news release. Walter SchneiderBishop has more than 27 years of experience in floral industry sales. In his new role, he oversees the company’s... Read more
Exhibitor’s perspective of the FPFC SoCal Expo: A time to listen and learn
The Fresh Produce and Floral Council’s Southern California Expo is a great networking event because the floral industry is small and tight-knit. What gets me most excited about this event is seeing all of the store-level floral managers and associates who come to the expo at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. One of the biggest benefits of exhibiting at the show is meeting with the audience that’s invited to attend. This year’s FPFC SoCal Expo... Read more
Floral exhibitors displayed products at the SuperValu 2016 National Expo, which drew over 4,200 visitors Aug. 9-11 to the RiverCentre in St. Paul, MN. “This is a very good show for us,” Kim Tozier from Hiawatha Evergreens, told The Produce News. “It is really good for our business and it helps promote our products.” Elissa Mast from E&R Sales also agreed with Tozier. “I love working with SuperValu,” Mast told The Produce... Read more
Using hardgoods to drive fall sales
As we head into the thick of the fall selling season, there is ample opportunity to grab your customers’ attention with the latest industry trends. Wood trays continue to grow in popularity and they are available in a number of shapes and sizes including small drawers, compartments, etc. These containers are very versatile and they can be used in a variety of applications. In addition to being sold outright, they are also an excellent vehicle in which to... Read more
Over 15 years ago, Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist in the Twin Cities listened to the wants and needs of customers and developed programs that offer them pre-made bouquets and arrangements. We wanted to provide a service that offers convenience and essentially acts as an extension of our customers’ workrooms. Many of our customers can call up and order in the morning and receive product, sale-ready, by the end of the day. For others, we offer deliveries... Read more
The 14th edition of the Naivasha Horticultural Fair will be held Sept. 23-24 in Nairobi, Kenya, and as of this writing there are 118 confirmed exhibitors. The two-day event showcases floral industry products and services and it attracts visitors from across the African continent, Europe, Asia and the United States. The horticultural sector is important to the Kenyan people and the country’s economy, with many hundreds of thousands small-scale farmers, according... Read more
Fall and Christmas 2016 ribbon trends
As I write this article it is 90-plus degrees outside and I can hear teenagers splashing in the pool. Summer is in full swing while scarecrows and snowmen sit somewhere in the distant and vague future. As suppliers — manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers — in the floral industry, we have to be ready for fall and Christmas now. In fact, as retailers are gearing up with fall and Christmas 2016 merchandise, we manufacturers are developing the line for... Read more
Suppliers and buyers from the floriculture industry gathered at the Miami Airport Hilton July 14 to collaborate, network and exchange dialogue during a Produce Marketing Association Fresh Connections: Floral event. The morning began with buyer roundtable sessions, where suppliers were able to purchase up to five 10-minute meetings with a buyer in advance of the morning’s presentations. Brian Numainville, from the Retail Feedback Group, kicked off the day... Read more
PMA’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo is Oct. 14-16 in Orlando
More than 20,000 attendees and 1,000-plus exhibitors from over 60 countries will meet Oct. 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, for the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo. Industry members from every link of the supply chain will network, learn and celebrate together at the comprehensive three-day event. Floral-specific sessions include: Samuel Ferrara, co-founder at Passion Flowers and 2014 PMA Floral... Read more
Themed balloon displays, color blocking and coordination connect with customers
The importance of visual merchandising within the mass market is greater than ever. Enticing displays take customers on a colorful journey, leading them to the right products for their needs and increased revenue for your store. Themed displays with coordinating elements of color and clever messages allow you to connect with your customer. Be sure to plan displays in a way that makes products at many different price points appealing. When selecting themes for your... Read more
One of the important first steps a wholesaler needs to take in supporting supermarkets is to understand the differences in their business compared to a traditional retail florist. I often say that the only factor that the retail florist and supermarkets have in common in floral is the flowers. How they each run their businesses, manage purchases, train staff, sell products and pay invoices is all uniquely different. What a floral distributor needs to do to play... Read more
The Wholesale Florist & Florist Suppliers Association announced in a news release that Patricia (Trish) Lilly, WF&FSA’s executive vice president, would join the staff at the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. Lilly, who has served the WF&FSA Board and membership since 2010, will become NAW’s senior vice president-thought leadership. Molly Alton Mullins will join WF&FSA as interim executive vice president. Lilly has served... Read more
LA hybrid lilies — bred to please floral consumers
People buy cut flowers to enjoy their full splendor, yet it is intrinsic in the very nature of flowers that they bloom and then their blooms fade. When I talk to consumers about flowers, the one phrase I hear again and again is that “they don’t last.” Frankly, I’m glad they don’t last because flowers perform a single, unrepeatable act of beauty for every person willing to spend a couple dollars or plant a garden. Watching the progression... Read more
WF&FSA 2016 conference changes venue
The 2016 Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association’s Floral Distribution Conference Oct. 19-21 will move to an all-new location — the Miami Airport Convention Center. The conference’s theme, “Connect, Learn, and Grow” describes what industry professionals will experience during the two-and-a-half-day gathering. In addition to the new venue, there will be a Breeders Showcase, a New Products Showcase, Table Tops, an Emerging... Read more
The next edition of the biennial International Floriculture Trade Exhibition Agriflor is scheduled for Oct. 5-7 in Quito, Ecuador, according to a news release. In contrast to the past eight editions, the trade show has been moved this year to another exhibition center, located right in the center of Quito and very close to all the main international hotels and restaurants. Cemexpo, the former exhibition center, closed down last year so an alternative site was needed... Read more