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Tanimura & Antle expands ‘Artisan’ lettuce line

Tanimura & Antle, a leading grower-shipper based in Salinas, CA, is expanding its successful “Artisan” lettuce line and will be debuting the newest product, along with new packaging for the entire line, at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit convention in Atlanta.

‘Artisan’ Boston lettuce will make its debut at the PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta.

Tanimura & Antle “Artisan” lettuce has grown steadily as a new product in the fresh leaf category. This year, the product line expanded to include “Artisan” Romaine, winner of the Best New Product Launch at July’s PMA Foodservice show in Monterey. At the PMA Fresh Summit, “Artisan” Boston lettuce will make its debut.

“Consumers look for fresh options when making food choices, and we are responding to that need with a line of quality leafy green products that deliver farm-fresh flavor, quality, variety and value,” Rick Antle, chief executive officer of Tanimura & Antle, said in an Oct. 4 press release.

The new labels for each of the “Artisan” leafy green products are similar in design, using color to differentiate each leaf variety. On the back of each label consumers will find simple preparation tips, recipe ideas and usage suggestions.

“We are experiencing great success with the ‘Artisan’ Romaine addition to this line and have retail partners who have expressed an interest in an expanded product line,” Mr. Antle added in the release.

The “Artisan” line includes three leafy green items and a sweet red onion variety, branded as Tanimura & Antle “Artisan” sweet Italian red onions.

“‘Artisan’ Boston is a full leafy head of Boston lettuce that is a spectacular full blossom of tender leaves,” Mr. Antle added in the press release. “We know there can be tremendous shrink with the Boston lettuce variety when sold fresh, but at the same time it remains a desired lettuce variety on menus. Our answer, as a fresh lettuce supplier, is this new variety that when packed in the protective clamshell, nearly eliminates the shrink factor and gives consumers the lettuce they want plus the value and flavor that they’re looking for.”

The Tanimura & Antle “Artisan” line of fresh produce includes select seed varieties that have been carefully chosen for premium flavor, freshness and variety. All “Artisan” products are field-packed for optimum freshness and clamshell packaged with care to protect each product and extend shelf life. All Tanimura & Antle leafy greens are available year round and grown in the United States.

Tanimura & Antle will be featuring its “Artisan” line of products at the PMA Fresh Summit in Booth 3939.