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Jimmy Storey back in the groove

PHILADELPHIA — “I am back in the groove working,” said Jimmy Storey, owner of Quaker City Produce on the Philadelphia produce market.

As reported June 13 in The Produce News, Mr. Storey returned to work June 5 at the new terminal market, here, after spending almost six months in the hospital. He was so sick that “I don’t remember December or January. I almost died twice. I had a round-trip ticket to Hell.”

Mr. Storey said that he lost 93 pounds in the ordeal. He credits Philadelphia’s Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Center for bringing him back to a normal life. There, he was “the best patient” in rehab. Whatever exercise was assigned to him, he did more in an attempt to regain his health as quickly as possible.

“I was like a mad man” because of his high motivation, he said. “You’ve got to make up your mind you have to do it, or you’ll be in a wheelchair and on a ventilator for the rest of your life.”

He credits his fiancé, Meg Urzillo, for having “never left my side” when he first went into the hospital, then being with him every day after her work as the business manager at Quaker City.

Mr. Storey credits Ms. Urzillo, along with his son and sales manager Peter Storey, salesman Kevin McNicholas and transportation manager Chickie Curtin for having done “an outstanding job” in his absence. “I can’t pat just one on the back.”