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Riggio Distribution Co. remains a fixture on Detroit Terminal

Situated on the Detroit Produce Terminal, Riggio Distribution Co. is an experienced full-service, fresh produce distributor and wholesaler, servicing the entire Midwest from its home base.

An anchor tenant on the terminal, the company’s clients come from both retail and food service, as it offers a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables that are shipped and received seven days a week to both corporate and independent customers of all sizes.

“There’s no secret to our success, just good fundamentals and attention to details,” said Dominic Riggio, president of Riggio Distribution Co. “Staying on top of trends, supply and demand, as well as keeping a close eye on receivables, keeps us going strong. Produce is a 24/7 job that requires close attention to the details.”

The company employs a fleet of refrigerated trucks, and offers warehouse to warehouse as well as direct store delivery to all accounts.

Riggio-sheild In 2020, Riggio Distribution Co. will continue doing what it does best.

“Our plan for growth is similar year after year,” Riggio said. “We look for sustainable commodities and quality customers to increase our business. Obviously existing programs and customers are the fastest and most efficient paths to growth. We want to maximize our customer orders through existing logistics. When we see an opportunity, on either the customer or supplier side, we position ourselves to capitalize.”

Of course, in the produce industry, there are always challenges to overcome. For instance, in 2019, Riggio noted labor was a big issue.

“The better the economy, the harder it is to find quality labor,” he said. “In the wholesale business, there is always something new going on from the changing of the seasons to a new business opportunity—we are never stagnate. The nature of our business keeps us on our toes and constantly evolving and changing.”

Working on the Detroit Produce Terminal, the company is able to service customers across the Midwest extending into parts of the East Coast and South, as well as Ontario. 

“Many things make the Detroit produce industry thrive including the diverse population and vibrant restaurant and culinary scene,” he said. “But most importantly is the relationship of the independent retailers and food service providers and the Terminal Market wholesalers working together.”

Riggio said being located in Detroit is valuable geographically to reach all of these markets.

Every city or market has its own characteristics that make it unique, I would say the Detroit market is known as a very demanding market for quality but still remains very competitive on price.  

With a team that that crosses generations, Riggio Distribution Co. is able to mix different styles and benefit from different ideas.

“We all work towards a common goal by using the influence of the old-school fundamentals mixed with the younger generation’s technology and they complement one another very well,” Riggio said.