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Airwave brings Organic and Produce Display Systems to the U.S. market

This unique produce display system that extends produce life is expanding into the U.S. as a result of retailer interest due to its effectiveness at reducing shrink and waste.adsdRay Gagne, founder of Airwave Produce Management Systems, and Matt Lurie, president of Organic Garage, talk produce sustainability at the latest store opening in Toronto.

Airwave has been very effective with Organic’s “Airwave helps us to reduce produce waste and by taking gases away provides a better tasting product. Customers are impressed with how the produce is presented in the trays and this means repeat clients and more sales” Matt Lurie, President Organic Garage, Toronto.

A patent pending airflow system increases ventilation in produce stacks and is the secret to the tray’s effectiveness. Through its proprietary foam ridgelines the Airwave tray provides minimal contact surface with the produce while protecting it from impact stress, one of the major causes of bruising. The tray features air ducts on the bottom to remove the CO2 and Ethylene gases created by ripe produce and that lead to over-ripeness, cellular breakdown, and eventually rot. Organic retailers in particular are recognizing its usefulness in reducing shrink. ”Airwave has some examples that show an impressive ROI for reduced shrink but also the display impact in tests show impressive sales gains especially with organics where keeping products fresh is a real challenge,” explained Ray Gagne.

Sustainability of produce has always been a concern industry wide. Ironically, it has been the Organic side of the business which has driven innovation due to their inability to utilize stronger pesticides or produce management chemicals. With a potential of faster ripening cycles and potentially more sensitive fruit from a skin and flesh perspective, the Airwave line of innovative trays and displays seems to be a unique answer for the market. The system incorporates mobile displays which also can be taken out of the store for a Farmers Market approach. This appears to be a trend in the industry where Organic producers are joining forces with the local / seasonal fruit and farm-to-table marketing strategy. A healthier alternative with Organics may now not necessarily mean a shorter fruit life span thanks to the Airwave line.