Baldor Specialty Foods to sample new selection of Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits at New York Produce Show

Baldor Specialty Foods, headquartered in the Bronx, NY, has supported the New York Produce Show since its inception ten years ago.

President Michael Muzyk said that the show gets bigger and better every year.

“We find this show a terrific venue to show off our latest innovations and specialty food items, the wide range of services we provide and some of the exciting new things we are working on,” said Muzyk.

Numerous new things are always in the works at Baldor, so its booths, numbers 401, 403, 501 and 503 will definitely be drawing large crowds and jumping with excitement. The booths will be right at the front of Hall 1C in the Javits Center in New York City on Thursday, Dec. 12 in New York City.

“The New York Produce Show has always been great in providing us a unique opportunity at getting valuable face-time with customers and partners outside of the typical office environment,” said Muzyk. “It also gives us a chance to showcase our latest food items and supply-chain innovations, not only to our existing customers but also to potential new customers. This is really the only show in the east that major suppliers exhibit at, and for the foodservice industry this is a must-attend exposition.”

P1050097Michael Muzyk Beginning as Balducci’s fruit stand in Greenwich Village in 1946, Baldor has maintained its original promise to curate and deliver the best and freshest foods in the world. Today it is one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Demand in the New England region inspired Baldor to open a facility in Boston several years ago. It grew so fast that it was moved to a much larger location last year. It also opened a facility in Laurel , MD, titled Baldor DC. It too continues to grow. Overall, Baldor’s rich history continues today.

Among the biggest news at Baldor is the recent expansion of its Bronx facility, which added another 100,000 square feet of operational and office space.

“Added to our original 170,000 square feet of space, the addition has brought the building to 270,000 square feet,” said Muzyk. “We expect the expansion to create an additional 350 jobs. We have moved previous operations to the new side of the building and are now initiating some hardcore maintenance on the original portion.

He explained that the City of New York owns the Baldor building, which was an old A&P facility before Baldor took it over in 2006.

“It was in very poor condition, but we agreed to invest $12 million into renovations — which ultimately grew to $20 million,” he said. “But after nearly 15 years it was in need of some repairs and deep cleaning. The original sales office is also being completely renovated.”

Baldor Boston has also had some major changes in the past year. The facility opened in 2006 and has been on a fast-track of growth ever since, causing it to quickly outgrow its space. Last April it moved into a new high-tech customized facility, after one year and four months of construction.

“Being in the new facility has been fantastic,” noted Muzyk. “It has really improved efficiencies there. We went from nine to 37 loading doors, and from 27,000-square feet to 100,000. The building was designed with efficiencies in mind, including state-of-the-art equipment. We are really taking advantage of the additional space we now have to better serve our customers who are served from that facility.”

Although Baldor Boston’s primary business is in the foodservice sector, it is rapidly gaining access to new retail business.

At the New York Produce Show, Baldor will be showcasing the newest members of its successful Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits line, which is Baldor’s first venture into the retail marketplace.

“We’ve added a new selection of veggie-noodle kits for people to sample, and we will also be premiering a line of soup kits. The line includes Coconut Curry Carrot Noodle Soup, Chicken-less Noodle Soup with Jack Fruit and Celery Root Noodles, and a Miso Ramen Noodle Soup,” said Muzyk.

He also announced a new key team member who has joined the Baldor staff.

“Lars Dahlhaus joined the Baldor team as our beverage director,” said Muzyk. “Lars has been instrumental in launching our new Baldor Bar Program which services the ‘other side’ of the restaurant. It provides the city’s mixologists with a unique selection of bitters, tonics, exotic spices, infusion herbs and purees. He is also working with our craft brew partners to develop interesting, highly-curated craft beers and ciders.”

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