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Baldor Specialty Foods’ continues development of Urban Roots line

As its name implies, Baldor Specialty Foods knows specialty products.

With more than 1,000 partners worldwide and three state-of-the-art warehouses — in Washington DC, Boston and New York — the company offers more than 6,000 items in its catalog, including more than 1,000 fresh cut items.

Its retail line, Urban Roots, is intended to make meal preparation easy and for home cooks, and the company constantly has new items on its R&D table to expand the line further in the future.

URBAN-ROOTS-KITS---ALL Diane Marques, category manager specialist for Bronx, NY-based Baldor, said produce forward meal kits are a hot ticket item for people who want a healthy meal they can prepare at home but have limited time.

“Meal kits fit the bill,” said Marques. “Baldor Specialty Foods’ Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits serve this market. Plant-based options such as veggie burgers, grain bowls and plant-based snacks are of strong interest. Low-sodium, vegetable-packed snacks are very appealing, and hummus, veggie crisps and inventive grain bowls are all the rage.”

In addition to Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits, Baldor Specialty Foods is currently promoting its Impossible Burger — a plant based burger — other plant-based products, gluten-free products, including flours and breads, and products with full transparency.

Baldor’s recently completed, newly designed, Bronx facility expansion, provides the company with many new opportunities. Added to its original 170,000 square feet of space, the addition has brought the building to 270,000 square feet of refrigerated space.

The new space is also houses some pretty impressive high-tech equipment to accommodate its strong foodservice and growing retail business.

“Our new facility provides Baldor with the capacity to increase both the volume and variety of offerings,” said Marques. “We are very excited at the prospect of our continued growth of specialty produce and specialty food offerings, and this space is allowing this expansion to occur.”

Baldor is also well known for the leading brands it carries. They include Living Juice, which is available in numerous flavors, Le Fermiere yogurts, also with many different flavor profiles, Joyce Farms’ meats, Cocojune yogurts, Elmhurst Nut Milks and Good and Green Deli Slices, a plant-based deli meat line.

“Baldor is handling so many leading and upcoming food brands that it’s impossible to name them all,” said Marques. “Chefs also continue to search for flavorful items and ingredients for their menus. For example, super grains are being seen more often on menus, which is appealing to an ever-growing number of vegetarians in the United States. It’s very common to see quinoa and legume-based protein alternatives on menus.”

She added that there is a strong current appeal to sourcing local. Chefs especially want to know that their purchases are helping to support a robust and healthy local food system. Sustainability of the food system is also a focus of Baldor’s chef partners.

“At Baldor, we will continue to grow our local program and to add farmers’ produce products to our offerings,” said Marques. “Not only are chefs looking to operate more sustainably, but they are sourcing from farmers whose mission it is to grow food responsibly.”