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Nathel & Nathel strengthens its organics line across all categories

Joe Eisinger, director of organic buying and sales for Nathel & Nathel, headquartered at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, told The Produce News that in its organics category, the company is gearing itself toward a full line with full organic services.

“Customers can now see more than 125 organic items on offer from Nathel & Nathel,” said Eisinger. “Our organic line is geared for both retail and foodservice sectors, and is distributed throughout the tri-state area.”

Joe-Eisinger-NathelJoe EisingerEisinger, who has been with the company for eight years, said that most recently Nathel & Nathel has witnessed strong movement in packaged organic salads.

“This is, of course, more for the retail sector,” he noted. “We’re also seeing good surges in the demand for organic apples and carrots.”

Just as with its full conventional line of fruits and vegetables, Nathel & Nathel follows seasonal trends from both domestic and offshore sources with its organic line.

“Organic citrus from California is now in season,” said Eisinger. “We have organic grapefruit, mandarins, Cara Cara and navel oranges, Valencia oranges, lemons — which are year-round now — and more. Other than the year round items, the California citrus season will run through April.”

Although its organics line is expanding and growing in all categories, Nathel & Nathel keeps its strongest focus on core organic items.

“California vegetable programs are beginning to come on strongly,” he said. “We follow that seasonal movement throughout the year, and we also follow the east coast seasonal movement, sourcing organics from wherever they are available and of the high quality that meets our standards.”

He pointed out that tomatoes and field greens of all types are continually in demand from Nathel & Nathel.

His opinion on what is driving the organic trend, which he said is now a lifestyle for so many people, is that consumers want to know what they are eating. “They want to know how their produce is grown and if it is handled properly,” he said. “People are increasingly educating themselves about the foods they eat and feed their families.”

While at one time organics were demanding a noticeable premium, Eisinger said that today the price gap between organics and conventional fruits and vegetables is getting increasingly closer.

“In some cases they are the same, or so similar as to not be an issue,” he said. “To conscientious consumers, a minimal price difference to know they’re getting the healthiest produce is hardly noticeable.”

Nathel & Nathel is looking forward to spring and summer organic produce seasons. “Organic grapes are starting, and organic stone fruits will be coming on in short time,” he said. “We’re also looking forward to organic melons, including watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydews in the coming months.”

Nathel & Nathel received a Superior rating on Good Distribution Practices audit in November 2018, of which the company is very proud.

The company has updated its logo and renovated its website,, as well as updating and modernizing its social media initiatives, all in a rebranding program that began in 2018.

“We look forward to bringing more unique organic items to the marketplace,” said Eisinger. “And we always invite new customers to partner with us in the ever-growing organic category. We want the right customers for this important line of produce so they can rely on us to be year round suppliers for their organic needs.”