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Farmer’s Best Texas volume surpasses Nogales

This year, for the first time, the produce volume received through Texas by Farmer’s Best will exceed what is received through the firm’s headquarters facility in Rio Rico, AZ.

Thus, it’s a small wonder that the Mexican vegetable giant, Farmer’s Best International, LLC, will be exhibiting at the 2019 Viva Fresh Expo.

“This will be our first year exhibiting at Viva Fresh,” Steve Yubeta, vice president of sales and marketing, told The Produce News on April 2.

Farmers-Best-tomato “We are very excited. Last year we went to see what the show was like. We saw a good turnout and it was very well organized. There were a lot of people that we do business with there. We are excited to participate.”

Yubeta said that 20 years ago, Farmer’s Best opened a south Texas operation to solely receive Mexican mangoes. A decade ago, the firm expanded that operation to receive Mexican vegetables. What moved the Texas-distributed volume ahead of Nogales is the firm’s new farm in the Mexican highlands in the state of San Luis Potosi. Because of geography and transportation, “that can only be distributed through south Texas.”

The San Luis Potosi is generally regarded as “summer” production, but that shipping season actually runs from May into December. Such a long window certainly is a huge boost to Farmer’s Best Texas distribution.

Yubeta said the general advantage of shipping through south Texas is the ease in reaching the East Coast, Midwest and, of course, Texas markets. “The Texas market is very attractive,” he emphasized.

Customers have been asking for distribution from Texas, which is key to the decision, Yubeta noted.

This spring Farmer’s Best will be shipping its full line of vegetables. This includes cucumbers, Euro-cukes, green and red Bells, zucchini, yellow and grey squash, red, round and Roma tomatoes, as well as eggplant.

“Production has been smooth all winter,” Yubeta said. “There has been very, very good volume. The quality has been excellent. It’s been a good run so far! We are looking forward to the summer months.”