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Cal Giant enhances connection with consumers

California Giant Berry Farms recently added a new software tool within its website that will help to connect more directly with shoppers, giving them greater access to the company’s brand and giving the strawberry shipper more information about its core customers.

The new product locator tool allows shoppers to simply enter their zip code on the company website to narrow the search for California Giant berries closest to their address.

IMG 7228 The locator program lives within California Giant’s site and will identify nearby retailers carrying the featured berry types once a consumer enters their zip code and which of the four berries and pack sizes they want to purchase.  The company will be able to track how this new program is used, obtain consumer demographic information and ultimately share this intelligence with key trading partners.  This new tool is fueled by Nielsen scan data, so the information is based on latest branded sales in the area. 

Cindy Jewell, vice president of marketing for the firm, said additionally the tool will allow the company to drop coupons to customers with geographic precision. And they will be able to track exactly who is downloading those coupons. Previously the company had used an online firmy to offer and redeem coupons but that didn’t give them access to the consumer information. Because this new software program is on Cal Giant’s website, it offers the additional step of being able to specifically mine the data generated by the coupon downloads.

“We are measuring locator traffic on the website along with most popular locations searched for, most popular products, and most popular retailers that are included in shopper searches,” she said. “We are excited about being part of this new feature being offered to our loyal shoppers, and to enticing new brand followers.”

As consumers search by individual branded UPC code they will also be educated about California Giant’s full line of products as they scroll through the thumbnail photos of each berry type and pack size displayed.

The locator feature will be added to various locations within California Giant’s website to help drive traffic and provide solutions as consumers browse the site looking for recipes, promotions and where to buy.

Cal Giant has spent the last few years building brand awareness and loyalty across the country and now has an extensive database of consumers that state they prefer California Giant brand berries. This new tool will allow the berry firm to connect with these end-users and it gives these shoppers another reason to keep coming back to the website.

California Giant is loading content and advertising programs on their social media channels to drive consumer traffic to the “Where to Buy” portion of the website where they will also see current promotions offered, including the coupons, to encourage purchase and re-purchase all year long.

Jewell said Cal Giant can also use the geomarketing feature to give a boost to sales during sluggish sales periods or when volume is peaking and movement is needed.