Oppy shipping a myriad of categories, new varieties from Chile

Chilean spring produce is here and Eric Coty, director of South American imports with Oppy, discussed how the season is shaping up across the importer’s myriad commodities. “Due to some heat in January, we expect smaller-than-normal sizing for plums, apples, pears and Asian pears across the industry. There is good size and quality on grapes at this point,” said Coty, who’s been traveling in Chile, getting a firsthand look at how the spring crops are taking shape.

Callisto-on-the-tree Oppy maintains field staff in Santiago that works alongside its grower network to assure quality, assist with logistics and interact with its sales and marketing team in North America. This spring, they’re shipping conventional and organic apples — including the category driving Jazz, Envy, and Ambrosia — as well as green kiwifruit, red and black plums, and Asian pears. “Oppy is one of the largest volume marketers of Chilean Asian pears in the United States,” said Coty. “We sell both the brown (Hosui and Kosui) and yellow types (Shinseiki and Nijiseiki).”

There’s plenty of excitement surrounding the emergence of new produce varieties and as usual, Oppy is right there in the mix, shipping promotable volumes of Red Seedless grapes, like Crimsons alongside new varieties like Timco and Allison. “We’ve just completed a great season of Lemon plums and Maillard varietal peaches and nectarines,” said Coty. “Looking ahead on plums, the first new Callisto variety red plums are already on the water. Callisto is noteworthy for its sweet flavor and ruby red color, as well as its timing: It’s a terrific late Chilean plum that will help our customers bridge to the California stone fruit season.”

Oppy is currently operating in Chilean growing regions four through nine — from Copiapo in the north to Angol in the south and importing its premium quality produce to the ports of Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

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