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W.P. Produce showcasing new Desbry box design at SEPC

W.P. Produce, located in Miami, FL, is thrilled to be headed across the state to SEPC’s Southern Exposure, and this year plan on showcasing the company’s new Desbry box design and sample its Desbry Avocados in a variety of ways.

Working behind Booth No. 508, a team from W.P. Produce are excited to further educate its buyers on the many different ways the green skin avocado is used, as well as the company’s personal tricks on when is the best time to eat the avocado and how to relate this down to the end user. 

image5 “We look forward to the Southeast Produce Show because it’s a chance for us to meet with many of our retailers and wholesalers that we currently do business with,” said Desiree Pardo Morales, vice president of the company. “We also have the opportunity in showing our tropical produce and packaging to potential customers.”

Since many consumers enjoy tropical produce such as green skins and Haitian mangos, but many times are not eating it at the perfect time, W.P. Produce has plans to change that reality.

“We will be distributing recipe cards and informational sheets for our Desbry Tropical produce,” Morales said. “We also post this information on our website and Instagram page as to hopefully get to the consumer.”

Lately, Dominican green skin avocados have had an increase in supply and quality has been consistent across all different varieties available. Because of these different varieties, avocados are now available all year round from the Dominican Republic.  

Business at W.P. Produce has grown due to the fact that there is no longer a gap in greenskin avocado availability, so sales are increasing and the company is seeing big growth.

“We are excited to have recently launched our Desbry branded Manzanos from Colombia,” Morales said. “We plan on importing this item all year round. We are also extending our current Desbry avocado shelf life because of recent technologies available for tropical produce.”