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Go Green Logistics focused on what it does well

NOGALES, AZ— “We do one thing and we do it really well,” said Marco Nunez, general manager of Go Green Logistics LLC.

What the firm does well is haul mixed produce loads from Nogales to California’s Bay Area.

Marco-Denise-Go-GreenMarco Nunez Jr. and Denise Garcia of Go Green in the firm’s Nogales cold warehouse, which has a Primus GFS food-safety certification. Go Green is very comfortable with its fleet of four local and four over-the-road trucks. All aspects of the company are temperature controlled, “so we don’t break the cold chain at all.”

Go Green employs four truck drivers and works “with a lot of dedicated owner-operators.” The local reefer trucks pick up product around Nogales each day. “A lot of customers consolidate here.” Nunez added that, naturally, “we know everybody in town.”

The LTL pickups are consolidated in the firm’s squeaky-clean 20,000-square-foot warehouse, which has two cold rooms. The warehouse, predictably, is Primus GFS certified. Denise Garcia is Go Green’s compliance coordinator.

Among the segments Go Green does really well is operate top notch new trucks. None of them were built before 2016 to help conform with California’s strict regulations on truck tractors and trailers.

With electronic digital logs in place now, San Francisco has become a two-day haul from Nogales. “We are very strict, and we run legal,” Nunez said. “Safety is our number one goal. We don’t want our drivers or customers’ product or the general public to be in jeopardy.

“We have big money in our trucks. Insurance goes up every year. Sometimes, an accident could be our drivers’ fault. Or it could be the other guy.” But to help protect Go Green’s liability, “we are looking into cameras in the next year. You have to add them to the truck to protect you and me.”

Nunez said Go Green is owned by Robert Ainza, who’s been in the industry 25 years. Go Green was launched 15 years ago.