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Consumers get cooking — and snacking — on NYAS apples during the holidays

Winter holidays always bring memories to mind of our favorite foods, the colors that accompany the changing season, decorations, celebrations and uniting with family and friends.

It’s hard to think of the holidays without apples — be it in pies, stuffing and other recipes. And apples are one of the healthiest snacks to be enjoyed. No one can ignore a big bowl or basket of apples gracing a holiday centerpiece, especially when they are the high quality and extensive variety of options that Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales offers.

Vice President of Marketing Jim Allen said apple varieties that top the demand list for the holidays include those that are great for cooking.

NYASKORU DSC8767-sm “We see a slight increase in the demand during the holidays for varieties that have good cooking profiles,” explained Allen. “These include Cortland and Rome. Even KORU and Jonagold varieties are good cookers.”

He added that the holiday demand for apples starts prior to Thanksgiving and winds down in early January, pointing out that some retailers will position green and red apples in attractive, eye-catching displays to create a holiday look in their produce departments, which always draw attention and promote sales.

The company continues with its successful KORU apple promotion. The apple was discovered and developed in New Zealand, and today NYAS and its import partners in the U.S. have generated great success with the program. Throughout the past several years the company has also aggressively cultivated a domestic KORU crop to fill the demand when the New Zealand program is off season. The domestic crop is now commercially available and demand is increasing continually.

Demand for the apple is due to its crisp, sweet and naturally delicious flavor and hint of sweet honey aroma. The apple is named after the Maori word symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.

Promotional materials for the KORU are eye-catching and exotic. NYAS has brought the beautifully designed materials to not only the trade, but also directly to consumers at the retail level.

“Our KORU point-of-sale cards, which utilize the same outstanding artwork, strongly relay the message about this great apple to consumers,” noted Allen. “The brilliantly designed cards are stop-in-your-tracks visuals that draw attention everywhere they are placed. Also using the same design, our new demo/recipe card accompanies our in-store demos. The demo/recipe card offers a delicious KORU Waldorf Cup recipe on the back so consumers and their families can enjoy it at home.”

NYAS also utilizes Ibotta promotions, which give consumers cash back when they shop.

In the past several years NYAS has expanded its grower and facility partner lineup in New York state. All of its partners continue to make cutting-edge advances in their growing methods and to their packing operations.

A multi-generational family business, NYAS has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years under the leadership of President and owner Kaari Stannard, who was appointed chair to the U.S. Apple Association board of director for the 2018-19 term.

She said that having orchards and shipping locations in all of the four major growing and packing regions of New York helps it to provide consistent offerings for its customers. Today, the company is the most diversified grower-marketer in New York.

“Our partners in a diverse range of New York regions ensure that we always have the highest quality apples,” said Stannard. “Our growers all practice the latest horticultural trends. They use irrigation and other growing techniques to assure the best possible crop.”

New York Apple Sales’ website, provides extensive information on the company’s operation, culture and dedication. Videos offered on the site are both informative and engaging.