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River Point Farms committed to providing top-quality onions

Doing business out of Hermiston, OR, River Point Farms is a fresh, sustainable grower, packer, fresh-cut processer and shipper of yellow, red, white and sweet onions, responsible for more than 450 million pounds of onions each year.

The company’s state-of-the-art growing and storage techniques ensure a year-round supply of whole, peeled and sliced onions to various foodservice, industrial ingredient and retail customers. And having the highest-quality product is of chief importance to all involved.

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In 2018, River Point Farms saw the onion category have good demand but challenging prices.

“Movement is strong. Quality is great and we are excited to continue our growth,” said Mark Fisher, general manager of River Point Farms.

“Customers are looking for extended shelf-life. One product that we offer to meet customer need of longer shelf life is our perfectly peeled onion. The onion is peeled, but not topped and tailed, extending shelf life to 21 days,” he added.

A negative issue impacting the company concerns transportation and it’s a challenge that many in the industry hope will find some solutions in 2019.

“Agriculture as a whole is struggling to find trucks to move their products to market, and we are no exception,” Fisher said.

Another big trend the company is noticing is customers looking for packaging that fits their needs, with many customers requesting customized packaging.

“We are continuing to make investments in our pack and processing facilities to improve productivity and meet our customers’ growing demands,” Fisher said.

“We look to build on our success, which starts with good quality onions, a strong customer focus and talented employees.”