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BlueSkySearch celebrates 20 Years

When BlueSkySearch launched in 1998, the idea was to offer an executive search firm that would specialize in the produce industry, as the segment had long had trouble finding qualified produce and agriculture professionals for top jobs. The company launched — Online Job Center for the Produce Industry and quickly became a top online source for the industry.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of BlueSkySearch, and things only look to be getting better for the family-run operation.web-MikeMike Lovelace

“The secret to 20 years is taking care of our clients and candidates and taking care of our employees,” said Mike Lovelace, president of BlueSkySearch, based in Yuma, AZ. “We operate at the highest level of integrity in everything that we do.”

To commemorate the milestone, BlueSkySearch is expanding its operation, bringing in more recruiters and staff. The company is also developing a new website that will roll out in the fourth quarter of 2018.

“It’s a high-tech industry, and it’s important to stay up-to-date,” Lovelace said. “We are the first ones to have ever done this, and we’ve been heavily copied, but we’ve been doing this for 20 years and know how to do things the best way.”

One lesson Lovelace has learned through the years is that the internet could be a dark place. The company has added the highest level of security to ensure that nothing fishy happens.

“We will always have that to protect our clients, to protect our candidates and protect the company that we have invested so long in building this intellectual property,” Lovelace said. “We celebrate our company every day. We love what we do and we’re good at it. We do what we say we’re going to do and more.”

Over the years, the company has matched thousands of employees to produce companies and there’s no better feeling for Lovelace than to get a call from a candidate and learn he or she got the job and the client thanks him for pointing them in the right direction.

“We are an executive search firm and we are a job board and it’s a great feeling no matter how someone finds work,” he said. “The produce industry is a great industry and I just love the people in it. It’s a good high-quality group.”

Lovelace noted that the economy is booming and unemployment levels are lowering, and that’s also playing in the produce industry, so it’s becoming harder and harder to find qualified candidates for employers.

“It’s not hard for us because that’s what we excel at,” Lovelace said. “Our business is doing great and we expect to see substantial growth and are ramping up to meet the demand. We look for stars for a company.”