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Delta Fresh is growing veg and reefer warehouses

Delta Fresh Sales LLC has a touch for producing big refrigerated warehouses. It’s not bad in the vegetable business either, as the family-operated firm has also been a leading Mexican grower for 90 years.

Third-generation family member Thanasi Panousopoulos told The Produce News on Oct. 2 that the firm will be opening its new, 210,000 square-foot Nogales cold warehouse this month. The massive facility dominates a hillside on Interstate 19 on the drive from Rio Rico toward downtown Nogales. Panousopoulos said Delta Fresh is to host a Nov. 1 luncheon in the facility in conjunction with the 50th Nogales Produce Convention & Golf Tournament of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.web-2018-10-4-Delta-Fresh-logo NEW-LOGO-VERTICAL

In the building, 50,000 square feet are dedicated to consolidating loads for retailers. The other 160,000 square feet are for shipping and receiving.

In other warehousing news, Panousopoulos said that in Pharr, TX, Delta Fresh completed the refurbishment of a 60,000-square-foot warehouse last January.

On the production side, the family grows more than 2,700 acres of greenhouse and shade house vegetables in Mexico. The year-round supplies come from family-owned farms ranging from Culiacan to central Mexico.

The firm also works with 10 independent tomato growers. From one newly affiliated Culiacan tomato supplier comes the Arista label, which is shipped from December until June.

“We are one of the biggest Roma suppliers in Mexico,” said Panousopoulos, adding that Delta Fresh will use a new 375 acres of central Mexico greenhouses for Roma production, first shipping from May to December 2019.

Tomatoes are the primary commodity shipped by Delta Fresh. Beyond cukes, the firm also ships Bell peppers, squash, watermelon, eggplant and other items.

Delta Fresh works with eight different independent Mexican cucumber growers. The Delta Fresh website notes that the firm’s “agriculture partners are dedicated to quality, food safety and social responsibilities.”