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A.J. Trucco continues its rich family history of Italian chestnuts

For more than 70 years, A.J. Trucco has specialized in importing and distributing dried fruits and nuts, in addition to a wide range of other specialty items. The Bronx, NY-based company is known as a premier produce distributor throughout the east and beyond.

TruStar-Cutout In early September, Nick Pacia, president of A.J. Trucco told The Produce News that the company was currently getting ready for its fresh Italian chestnut season.

“Trucco is well known as program experts and industry leaders,” said Pacia. “In addition to our chestnuts, we also offer a variety of other products in this category. The line consists of figs from Turkey, Greece and Italy, dates from California and roasted hazelnuts from Italy.”

Trucco continues its growth mode in products as well as in space at Hunts Point. In the past year it added three and one-half units to its terminal market facility. The company also has distribution centers in New Jersey and California, and representation in Florida for customers in the Southeast.

“Working closely with esteemed growers in numerous countries allows Trucco to be able to offer the highest quality products at the best products,” noted Pacia. “We also have strong year-round kiwi and blueberry programs.”

The company is also well known for its garlic, citrus fruits and grape programs, to mention a few.

Heading into autumn and the winter holidays, the demand for Trucco’s TruStar brand of peeled, ready-to-eat chestnuts takes off like a rocket, said Pacia.

“We recently added organic ready-to-eat chestnuts packaged in a 100-gram pouch under our TruStar brand,” he said. “The item is also available year-round. We have seen the popularity of this convenient product grow every year since launch and are looking forward to another successful season.”

Founded in 1937 in New York, Trucco is one of the largest importers of a variety of branded and unbranded produce from around the world. While Italian chestnuts were the staple of the company for decades, it has expanded its line. In addition to TruStar, the company also brands its products under the KiwiStar and Fresco labels, and it offers numerous leading produce company brands.