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‘Slice. Scoop. Enjoy!’ with A.J. Trucco’s year-round kiwi program

Headquartered at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx, NY, A.J. Trucco specializes in a wide range of the highest-quality specialty produce items available in the world.

In early September, and in addition to numerous other year-round programs, Trucco’s kiwifruit program was promoting SunGold brand kiwifruit, and the company was gearing up for one of its busiest seasons.

P1050051 “We’re heading into our Italian kiwifruit season,” said Nick Pacia, company president, on Sept. 5. “This is one of our most robust programs, and we are busy coordinating with our partners to deliver the best eating product.”

He added that Trucco continues to pride itself on strong relationships with growers and retailers.

“This allows us to engage in personalized customer service to deliver delicious produce,” added Pacia. “We expect the first shipments for the Italian kiwifruit season to commence in early November.”

Trucco specializes in importing and distributing the finest products. Its extensive line includes the highly popular year-round supplies of ready-to-eat TruStar chestnuts. It also offers year-round blueberry programs from numerous growing regions, citrus fruits, grapes, garlic and many other popular items.

The company, which was founded over 70 years ago, is known as a premier produce distributor throughout the East Coast and beyond.

Pacia explained that part of Trucco’s strategy for the last few years with its KiwiStar brand of kiwifruit has been to educate consumers about the multitude of health benefits the fruit provides. In addition to being delicious, kiwifruit is nutrient rich, it provides digestive benefits and is high in vitamin C.

“Trucco also works continually to educate consumers on how best to eat kiwifruit,” said Pacia. “It’s simple; Slice. Scoop. Enjoy! It’s very exciting for us to now see an increase in consumer awareness about all the great things about kiwifruit, and along with the increase in demand.”

In addition to KiwiStar, Trucco brands its products under the TruStar and Fresco labels. It also offers numerous leading produce company brands.