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Robinson Fresh offering Fair Trade mangos

With the Mexican mango season under way, Robinson Fresh has announced its participation in the certified Fair Trade program, assuring that its mangos are produced in accordance with worker and environmental protections.

James Watson, who handles sourcing for Robinson Fresh, which is headquartered in Eden Prarie, MN, said the firm “is excited to announce a commitment to supporting sustainable income, community empowerment, individual and community well-being, and environmental stewardship at the growing regions through a new certified Fair Trade program. Not only is this program launching this season, it is already growing through more growers actively working toward becoming certified.”

He added that consumers are more frequently asking where their food comes from, and as such, Robinson Fresh is “proud to be able to offer this program to our U.S. and European customers this season.”

The company has registered rapid growth in its mango production over the last few years, and Watson noted, “Our Mexican mango business is expected to increase by double-digit percentages as the demand for mangos has increased significantly.”

This year, the company designed and introduced a new mango carton with a five down configuration on a standard pallet.

“We did this to help our customers fit mangos together with other commodities when making store deliveries,” Watson said. “The new packaging under the Happy Chameleon label helps match the footprint of the industry standard cartons of other commodities and results in less crushed cartons, less damaged fruit and decreased shrink.”

In an effort to improve logistics for all of its customers, including those that buy mangos, Robinson Fresh continues to invest in new technology with regard to the transportation piece.

“Robinson Fresh has streamlined logistics to serve as an easy resource for the customer,” Watson said. “One of the ways we do this is through managing our global supply chains via our proprietary Navisphere technology platform. We continue to make investments in technology solutions that will allow for lower cost, more secure and more efficient ways to transport products around the globe.”