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Beachside Produce continues to expand product line

Beachside Produce LLC has long been a commodity shipper with a full array of vegetable including head lettuce, romaine, broccoli, cauliflower and leafy items, as well as strawberries. But it also notes industry trends and continues to add other products.

Steve Adlesh, director of sales and marketing for the Guadalupe, CA-based firm, said for many years Beachside acted as a consolidator of mixed loads sourcing other items from other grower-shippers. While it still does that when necessary, it is also adding lines to be a one-stop shop, including exploring the value-added sector.

“The drum is beating that way,” he said, referring both to consumer demands and industry dynamics. Of course, it is well documented that consumers are looking for time-saving products and value-added items fill that need.

Adlesh said it is also important that efficiencies be realized at the shipper level. He said the shipping of straight loads is waning in popularity as retailers concentrate on freshness. They want fresher items which means more deliveries and more mixers. Add that trend to the new trucking regulations that ultimately mean multiple pickups are a time killer, and you can see why there is a need for shippers to be more efficient. “We have to be cognizant of the fact that truckers don’t want multiple pickups. If you can’t fill their trucks, you aren’t going to get the equipment.”

Consequently, Beachside has expanded its reach in recent years adding new items such as bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cilantro and parsley as well as an expanding organic lineup. The company also produces many different kales and squashes. The firm’s main growers, who are also its owners, have been involved in the value-added business for many years, but those products were marketed through a sister firm. Today, those growers see the need to add value-added items to Beachside’s portfolio and opportunities are being explored.