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Cabefruit coming into market with tropical fruit items

MCALLEN, TX – Mangosteen tea is a new product being offered by Cabefruit Produce LLC.

Vicky Cabello, COO of the firm, said the flavorless, antioxidant tea has tremendous health benefits. The tea has a texture like chocolate powder and appears as cloudy when mixed with hot water.

Cabefruit, which owns large-acreage of farms in southern Mexico, grows mangosteen in Chiapas.

Raul-Varela-CabelloIn the Cabefruit warehouse, Raul Varela shows a cross-cut sample of the firm’s specialty, Cabello-brand jackfruit. Cabefruit grows 3,000 jackfruit trees in Chiapas. Although one jackfruit can weigh as much as 70 pounds, the fruit has a thick stem and supports it as it hangs from very strong tree branches.Cabefruit has sold mangosteen tea in Mexico for two years. Armed with attractive new, modern packaging, the tea is now being sold into the United States. The export product was scheduled to come on the market in early March.

Another “100 percent natural” processed tropical fruit that is coming into the market is dehydrated jackfruit. With the addition of water, this jackfruit product can be used as a chicken or meat substitute.

On Jan. 30, Cabello said the firm was still working on a label for its dehydrated jackfruit.

“We have 100 recipes” to use dehydrated jackfruit. These include pizza, pasta and mole. “Vegan people use it instead of meat. The flavor is whatever the food tastes like. It has the same texture as meat and is super-healthy.”

No jackfruit latex or seeds are part of the jackfruit dehydration process. The yellow flesh of the fruit is all that is dehydrated.

Cabello said the company, which is owned by her father, grows 3,000 jackfruit trees around Tapachula, Chiapas. There, the firm owns a packinghouse and two jackfruit farms. Another ranch in Nayarit provides Cabefruit with year-round jackfruit supplies.

The firm has a new, USDA-certified Chiapas processing plant to create the new, dehydrated products.

Cabello said Cabefruit also owns 16 Ataulfo mango ranches in Chiapas. That production is followed by mangos from Nayarit. The company ships a range of mango varieties. It also produces rambutan.

Cabefruit ships fresh achachairo, or, yellow mangosteen, only in August and September. She said fresh mangosteen sells for $60 to $70 per box.

Cabello said her father and his two brothers started their produce careers selling peaches and apples on the Monterey market. Twenty years ago, they began buying mango farms in southern Mexico. A decade ago they expanded to jackfruit.

Cabefruit is located on McAllen’s busy produce market.