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NYAS eager to share its wide selection of Legacy and Club varieties of apples

Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales Inc. has built its reputation, and consequent success, over the years by providing customers with the traditional apple varieties that are now known as Legacy Apples. Time tested varieties such as McIntosh, Macoun, Cortland, Empire, Red Delicious and Jonagold continue to be regional favorites, especially in the fall when the national demand for the Gala, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Pink Lady continue to increase.

Jim Allen, vice president of marketing, pointed out that as customers preferences and the flavor profiles of different apple varieties change, so do growing and marketing practices.

IMG 5987 “New varieties are becoming the future, and adapting and adjusting to these changes is vital for the apple industry,” said Allen. “New York Apple Sales is constantly evaluating new flavors, and examining customers buying habits using sales and scan data. This is necessary in order to keep ahead of the curve in the market place.

“New additions to the product list are SweeTango, SnapDragon, RubyFrost, EverCrisp, Smitten and Ambrosia apples, which are defined as club varieties,” he added.

Every new club variety is exciting in its own unique profile of crispness and flavor.

Allen said the company will be at the Southeast Produce Council 2018 Southern Exposure expo on March 1-3 in Tampa, FL, at Booth No. 500. He will be joined by John Cushing, vice president; Michael Harwood, sales manager; and Dennis McPherson, director of sales for NYAS’ growing partner, Scotian Gold Cooperative in Nova Scotia, Canada.

New York Apple Sales has been a member of SEPC since its inception, and it has exhibited at Southern Exposure every year since its inaugural event.

In addition to the Legacy and new club variety apples, NYAS will be sharing essential information with visitors at the event.

“Because the Honeycrisp is such a highly demanded apple across the country, we have placed an emphasis on the ability to supply the market with the best quality for as long as possible,” explained Allen.

“We do this by strategically harvesting and storing from different growing regions across the east. NYAS sources Honeycrisp from New York’s three best growing regions, supplying the freshest fruit to the marketplace.

“Our program is complimented by the importation of Scotian Gold Honeycrisps grown in Nova Scotia,” he continued. “This cold, hardy and late-harvesting growing area produces some of the finest Honeycrisp in the land.”

To extend the Honeycrisp season even further, NYAS imports fresh harvested new crop apples from New Zealand.

“Keeping our customers supplied and delighted is always our goal,” added Allen.

NYAS is also pleased to be partnering with Oneonta Starr Ranch and Chelan Fresh to exclusively market KORU apples in the United States. The three designated sales groups that are retained by Coast to Coast Growers Inc. handle all the import and domestic sales for KORU apples.

“Coast to Coast Growers are presently growing KORU apples in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington state,” explained Allen. “The 2017 harvest on both coasts finished in October, and was the largest domestic crop harvested to date.”

New plantings of KORU are also rapidly increasing in all growing areas, spurned by the success of the variety in the marketplace.

Allen said once the domestic crop has moved through the market, imported New Zealand KORUs will arrive in March. This offers retailers a consistent supply through the midsummer months.

“The KORU is an excellent eating apple, with outstanding crunch, a sweetness of honey with great aromatics,” Allen pointed out.

NYAS is a Gold Level sponsor of the SEPC.

“The 2018 Southern Exposure is yet another great opportunity to show the trade what we can offer; dependable service and outstanding product,” said Allen.

As for plans for the future, NYAS’ business plan is to continue to grow and sell the best apples available.

“The 2017 crop continues to move through the market,” said Allen. “This crop offers customers high flavor, great crunch and outstanding eating qualities.”