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One big happy family at Nickey Gregory

There is plenty of holiday cheer to go around at the Nickey Gregory Company. As 2017 winds down, the Atlanta-based company has enjoyed continued success. A big part of that is family—both literally and the employees who have come to be known as family. The company is owned by Nickey and Cheryl Gregory who have 12 grandchildren, many of whom are part of the winning atmosphere.

“At the Nickey Gregory Company, Nickey considers every employee here a family member,” said Andrew Scott, director of business development. “We all work hard toward making better lives for all of the employees.”

Currently, there are close to 200 employees between both its Atlanta and Miami locations and there has been a lot of experienced produce “outsiders” hired over the years that have helped its accelerated growth in sales and distribution.

2017-SEPC-boothScott Chapman, Nickey Gregory, Andrew Scott and Blair Greenhill. “Nickey lets you do your thing here as long as you work hard and make money for the company,” Scott said. “Nickey is not afraid to try something once, especially if it leads to future sales. For instance, we are going to begin processing fruits and veggies here at the Nickey Gregory Company at the beginning of the year as we continue to offer more services to our many customers.”

The company has maintained the family connection through the years by hiring more family members as sales have grown, mainly in its logistics department, Gregory Family Express, the company’s in-house carrier.

Come holiday time, the company really makes an effort to show its employees how much they mean to them. “Every year we get together in December for our annual Christmas party and celebrate a great year, every year,” Scott said. “Sales have increased every year here and we are thankful for our continued success.”

The Nickey Gregory Company also has a deep connection with its community and feels giving back is an important component. “We give back through donating fresh produce to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Rainbow House and many local churches that come by our warehouse asking for donations,” Scott said. “Nickey has a very big heart and is always there to help the unfortunate.”

Looking ahead to the new year, Scott said the company is anticipating growing even larger. “We added 40,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space here on the Atlanta market earlier this year and we have already come close to filling up this new space with new business,” he said. “Our total square footage is now over 100,000 square feet on the Atlanta market and we have another 25,000-square-foot warehouse near the Miami produce market.”