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Righetti Farms on the move

Rio Rico, AZ — Righetti Farms LLC is moving a couple of blocks within Rio Rico to a new location in late November. Righetti is leasing warehouse and office space in an attractive new facility being constructed by Higueral Produce Inc. The two firms have been friendly neighbors while leasing in another Rio Rico building. Mike-RighettiwebMike Righetti

Mike Righetti, the owner of Righetti Farms, said he will enjoy the new office adjoining a sparkling modern warehouse featuring three cold storage rooms. The three cold storage rooms provide different temperatures.

Righetti is preparing his customers for the escalation of Nogales volume after Thanksgiving. His primary business is shipping mixed loads to foodservice customers. He also distributes full loads of melons.

Righetti said the Nogales trade is extremely competitive. “Everyone is out looking for business,” he said. “I remind myself that all of the customers I have once came from other suppliers. That’s a reminder that someone is after them.”

In late October, he projected strong November and December markets that will stabilize after the first of the year. Hurricane Irma in Florida destabilized fall vegetable plantings and supplies, he added.

Righetti, who grew up on a family ranch in Santa Maria, CA, said California growers are planting less acreage because of labor costs and labor shortages. “In the past there has been a shortage of water,” he said. Thus, from the Nogales point of view, “we have seen the offseason markets be as tricky as the winter markets,” he added.