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SunFed expanding its offerings

RIO RICO, AZ — SoHo, a new sweet grape tomato variety, is on the SunFed slate this year, according to Matt Mandel, the firm’s chief operating officer. “It’s a really good grape tomato, with good flavor,” he said. “SoHo has a minimum of eight brix and is consistent with 10-11 brix. It’s like a little red candy. It’s fun to look at people’s faces when they eat one for the first time.”

SunFed-new-trayA new SunFed offering this year, a two-count tray pack in a bag for organic zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers and green and red bell peppers.SunFed is also introducing a 2-count tray pack in a bag for organic zucchini, yellow squash, slicer cucumbers and green and red bell peppers. Mandel said organic European cucumbers will soon also be available in this tray. Other developments for SunFed:

• This season, 100 percent of SunFed’s eggplant will be hothouse grown.

• SunFed’s green bean program will include organic green beans before the end of this year.

• SunFed’s Roma tomato program has become year-round. Roma’s will now be packed in SunFed’s Almost Famous pack. This involves product of high quality that has cosmetic flaws.

An irony of the Almost Famous program is that sometimes a crop is so perfect that there are not enough flawed pieces to fulfill the Almost Famous brand. “We try to have eight or ten commodities in the Almost Famous program, but we may only ship five or six at once,” Mandel said.

SunFed will also have its standard programs of zucchini, yellow and grey squash, colored bells, watermelons and mini-watermelons, honeydew and cantaloupe.

SoHo grape tomatoes and grey squash, organic programs are available as well.