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Wayne E. Bailey’s aggressively markets its trademarked Petitelings

Wayne E. Bailey, producer, marketer and shipper of a full line of sweet potatoes, is a known innovator in promotional and marketing opportunities. The Chadbourn, NC-based company put that innovation into full gear when it came time to promoting its new Petitelings, which are fingerling-sized sweet potatoes.

George Wooten, company president, explained that the branded Petitelings have been around for years. Then, about a year ago he had an epiphany regarding the many ways the item could benefit both foodservice operators and home cooks. The company trademarked the Petitelings’ name, and the Petitelings gained its registered trademark. wayne-bailey-sweet-petitelingsA basket of Wayne E. Bailey’s Petitelings sweet potatoes.

“We started marketing the Petitelings strongly as soon as we obtained the trademark,” said Wooten. “Having it helped us to create a market and promote Petitelings in many ways, including at all the major and regional trade shows as an exciting addition to the sweet potato category. It has really taken off, and the demand is consistently growing stronger.”

These small sweet potatoes are perfectly portioned for foodservice operator menus, and they are great for home cooks with smaller families or who want specific portions, Wooten said, adding that they could well become the next favorite holiday sweet potato side-dish.

At the New York Produce Show (booth 556), the company will feature its full line of sweet potatoes, including bulk, value added and convenience items.

“We continue to push convenience items like our steamer bag,” said Wooten. “Wayne E. Bailey developed the steamer bags of sweet potatoes, and then they went viral with producers across the county. We’re proud of this fact. It’s nice to know that everyone who deals in or sells steamer sweet potatoes is benefiting because of the work that Wayne E. Bailey has done over the years.” Its value-added line of sweet potatoes also includes microwavable and specifically-sized packs.

Wayne E. Bailey grows 5,000-acres of sweet potatoes, making it one of the largest producers in the nation. The company’s innovations have made it a pacesetter in the sweet potato industry. In addition to bulk sweet potatoes, it provides several value-added options such as steamer bags and microwavable wrapped.

Wayne E. Bailey also offers organic sweet potatoes, and will be presenting them at the New York Produce Show. “We’re very excited to be bringing our Petitelings to New York City,” said Wooten. “Wayne E. Bailey is the only place people can buy Petitelings.”