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Setton Farms’ touts the versatility, flavor of pistachios

Pistachios are so versatile and flavorful that they are consumed in nearly every imaginable way, from snacking whole to an ingredient for virtually every meal course, from appetizers to desserts.

Joseph Setton, a principal for Terra Bella, CA-based Setton Farms, said that for retailers, pistachios offer a bonus. “They can be displayed almost anywhere in the store alongside a multitude of products,” said Setton. “While pistachios are traditionally displayed in the produce area, they now are also frequently found on endcaps, checkout racks and many other places in stores.” SF PRODUCTS MORE ITEM-WITH-ORCHARD-webSetton Farms’ family of pistachios.

Among its wide range of holiday snacking products, Setton Farms’ hallmark is its pistachios. As a family-owned and operated company, its passion is growing wholesome pistachios and making them available to consumers in a wide array of packaging options.

“Pistachios were traditionally viewed as only a snack nut, and retailers preferred to promote them only during snacking seasons alongside beers and snacks,” said Setton. “Here at Setton Farms we are working hard to educate consumers and retailers through healthy messaging and media marketing campaigns.”

The company’s message is that besides the great flavor of pistachios, they are extremely healthy and a great alternative to unhealthy snacks.

“We have increased our promotion frequency to encourage our retail partners to promote pistachios throughout the year, and we have highlighted the successes of doing so with other healthy selections,” added Setton.

In May, at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Setton Farms debuted two additions to its Premium Blend line, expanding its value-added offerings. The new varieties include Pistachio Nut Blend, a wholesome mix of roasted pistachios, almonds and cashews, and Pistachio Power Blend which mixes nuts, seeds, and berries for a powerful boost. This expands the line to five varieties, all in attractive resealable pouches with matching floor shipper displays.

“The Premium Blend line features our family’s best-tasting premium-quality California-grown pistachios, freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits,” said Setton. “You can feel good about enjoying these premium blends whether on the trail or at your desk. They are healthy, protein-packed snacks and highlight our California grown pistachios.” 

He added that retailers are often reluctant to bring displays and shippers into their produce departments due to the labor, mess and difficulty to assemble.

“We offer a fully packed free-standing one-quarter pallet bin that requires absolutely no assembly,” said Setton. “In addition to the ease, the one-quarter pallet bin is a small footprint which makes it easy for retailers to find the right place to display them. Our bin proudly features both the American Heart Association Heart Check Mark and Certified Gluten Free logos.”

The company’s ongoing dedication is to produce the highest quality products possible and to build relationships with its customers, which results in winning the taste buds of consumers and keeps them coming back.

Consumers, Setton said, are always looking for new recipes and ingredients leading up to the holidays. Setton Farms natural, Non-GMO Project Verified shelled pistachios are a way of incorporating taste and color to any recipe.

“Shelled pistachios are frequently used to make pestos and dips, and most recently they’re trending in use for nut butters and even pistachio milk,” Setton said. “We work with chef ambassadors who create amazing and inspiring recipes that consumers really respond to. We encourage retailers to use these pistachio recipes in their sampling programs and prepared foods sections to further sales.”

Setton Farms also has an item that does particularly well during the holidays — the Setton Farms pistachio burlap bag. It is available year-round, but is a particularly hot holiday item in the fourth quarter.

“The reusable burlap sack is attractive, and with just over a pound of premium pistachios, is a versatile gift option,” said Setton. “With optional floor display and 18-ounce cashew variety available, it is easy to include this hot item into your holiday displays.”