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McDaniel increases Chilean avocado imports

In the late summer, early fall period, McDaniel Avocado Co. in Fallbrook, CA, increased its importation of Chilean avocados as a hedge against lower supplies from other sources.

“Thank goodness that we had Chile,” said Rankin McDaniel, president of the company. “We sourced a pretty large volume from Chile this year. They filled a large gap we had in our supply chain during that time frame. They served a very vital and active role.”mcdanielpackinghouseThe McDaniel packinghouse.

McDaniel spoke about his Chilean business in early November as supplies were picking up from Mexico and Chile was again looking elsewhere for customers. Chile has had a long relationship with U.S. buyers but it has also cultivated other markets and tends to favor Europe for its avocados where it has had a corner on the market and can often get higher prices. McDaniel said the pricing situation in Europe was on the uptick in November, which was the main reason Chilean producers were again favoring that market as the U.S. market was heading in the other direction because of increased supplies from Mexico.

Being part of the global supply chain is an important element in the success of any avocado distributor — a fact that is not lost on McDaniel. “Right now we are in conversations with folks in Colombia exploring opportunities to export fruit from that region,” he said.

Colombia is the latest country to gain access to the U.S. market. McDaniel said it could fill an important supply gap in the October-to-February time frame. “We are looking to include that source in our supply pipeline,” he said.

McDaniel said that while it is possible some fruit will land in the United States during Colombia’s 2017-18 season, his company is focused on creating the right situation for the 2018-19 season.