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Mr. Avocado ushers in a new era for ripe avocados

Pagoda Stores and Mr. Avocado reported successful results from a mid-August promotion at Pagoda's 2,500 stores in China. The event, focusing on retail and online outlets, showed positive results from the outset, with many Pagoda stores doubling their average sales on avocados, and eclipsing 200 percent of their normal movement for the period. Consumer feedback was very positive.Mr.AvocadoAd-316x303mm-bleed copy

In its first nationwide sales effort in China, Mr. Avocado worked to educate consumers on enjoying ripe fruit with handling guidelines, recipe ideas and nutrition information. Some stores stocked avocados for the first time for this promotion, and Pagoda store managers saw a positive reaction from consumers.

In addition to in-store sales, online sales doubled as well. The Pagoda App experienced more clicks and more orders than during any previous promotion. The summer online sale of Mr. Avocado fruit worked in combination with the in-store promotion.

“The goal of the promotion was to provide a positive experience for consumers in fast delivery of high-quality and ready-to-eat Mr. Avocado fruit from just around the corner. We are very happy with the results of the promotion,” said John Wang, president and chief executive officer of Lantao International and partner in the the Mr. Avocado joint venture with Mission Produce and Pagoda.

In order to foster engagement with Chinese avocado consumers, Mr. Avocado also launched updates on its WeChat Service Account at the same time. It simultaneously launched the news of in-store and online sales, and updated new recipes. WeChat followers increased by 50 percent a week after the sale started. New avocado recipes on the WeChat account are for general consumers and provide easy-to-make recipes with the intention of driving sales at retail and online outlets.

The sale lasted through the end of August and was used to highlight Mr. Avocado’s ripe avocado program. The event ushered in a new era in the Chinese market through Mr. Avocado’s exclusive delivery and sales platform. From professional temperature controls throughout the supply chain, to advanced ripening technology, to retail promotions and displays, the Mr. Avocado program educated the Chinese consumer about the use of ripe avocados, nutrition, care and handling. Additional promotional efforts are planned for the fall and winter months to continue the momentum established with the August promotion.